China Foodtech 2011
Date : Nov 30, 2011 - Dec 02, 2011
Opening Hours : 10:00 - 18:00
Venue : China International Exhibition Center
Location Address : 6 East Beisanhuan Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing
Country : China
Organizer : CFPMA, CPFMC, CIEC Group Beijing
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Number of exhibitors :
Major Exhibits :


A.Food Processing Machinery
Sugar Machinery, Tobacco Processing Machinery, Soft Drink Processing Machinery, Pastry Processing Machinery, Candy Processing Machinery, Soy-Bean Products Processing Machinery, Fruits Processing Machinery, Vegetables Processing Machinery, Slaughtering Machinery, Meat Processing Machinery, Milk Products Processing Machinery, Egg Products Machinery, Salt Processing Machinery, Brewing Machinery, Flavoring Processing Machinery, Fat Deep Processing Machinery, Canned Food Processing Machinery, Instant Food Processing Machinery, Grain Processing Machinery, Vehicles and Equipment

B.Cooking Machinery

C.Food Processing General Machinery
Selecting Machinery, Washing and Brushing Machinery, Grinding and Separating Machinery, Food Mixing Machinery, Food Homogenizer, Food Concentrating Equipment, Food Drying and Sterilizing Machinery, Food Frying Machinery, Food Toasting Machinery, Baking Machinery


A.Food Processing Machinery
Filling Machinery, Sealing Machinery, Wrapping Machinery, Filling and Sealing Machinery, Vacuum Packaging Machinery, Forming-Filling-Sealing Machinery, Labelling Machinery, Strapping and Containering Machinery, Cleaning Machinery(Bottle Washing,Case washing), Drying Machinery, Sterilizing Machinery, Auxiliary Packaging Equipment

B. Decorating Printing Machinery
Decorating Printing Machinery

C. Packaging Container Making Machinery
Metal Container Making Machinery, Paper Container Making Machinery, Glass Container Making Machinery, Plastic Container Making Machinery

D.Packaging Materials Processing Machinery
Plastic Processing Machinery, Compound Machinery, Corrugated Paper Board Machinery

E. Medicine Packaging Machinery

Introduction :

"12th China International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition,as Asia's first-choice event for food processing and packaging machinery ever since its establishment in 1989, gets enthusiastic support from ASSOFOODTEC, UCIMA, KPMA, PPMA, PMMI, JFMA, Dutch Manufactures of Machinery for Food Processing and Packaging and Taiwan Food & Pharmacy Machinery Manufacturers?Association. In the past 22 years, China Foodtech brought together with over 170,000 trade visitors from 46 countries and regions.

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Title Show Coordinator Name Diffy Zhao
Telephone +86-10-84600332 Fax +86-10-84600325
City/State Beijing Country China