Aqua Fisheries Myanmar 2016
Date : Sep 28, 2016 - Sep 30, 2016
Opening Hours : 9:00-17:00
Venue : Myanmar Event Park, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Location Address : Shin Saw Pu Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Country : Myanmar
Organizer : VEAS Co., Ltd.
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Number of exhibitors : 70
Major Exhibits :


Frozen, salted, smoked, dried, surimi, sea vegetables, processed products (sea salt, sushi, fried, cannedfood, natural seasoning)

Fisheries Equipment

Seafood processing machinery, fishing gear, fishing nets, fishing vessel equipment, Aquaculture facilities, HACCP facilities

Marine Biotechnology

Marine bio new materials, high functional materials made with terinary and marine life, cosmetics, health functional products, feed for aquiculture, fish medication, research achievements, marine resources application products

Fishing Articles

Fishing pole, fishing line, fishing reel, fish hook, float, bait fishing articles, paste bait, stand, fishing clothes, etc
Other business line concerned serving the seafood industry, institute, quality control

Introduction :

The 2nd international show for Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture & Fisheries in Myanmar closed on 16 October 2015 with participation of 60 companies, organization and institutes from 17 countries such as USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Viet Nam etc

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Title Project Co-ordinator Name Cheetah Nguyen
Telephone (+84) 8 3842 7755 Fax
Address 12th Floor, Room 12A03, Cong Hoa Plaza, 19 Cong Hoa St., Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
City/State Ho Chi Minh City Country Vietnam
Date : Nov 10, 2011 - Nov 12, 2011
Opening Hours : 2:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Venue : Jockey Exposition Center
Location Address : Lima
Country : Peru
Organizer : Thais Corporation S.A.C.
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Number of exhibitors : 250
Major Exhibits :

MARINE EQUIMENT: Anchoring & Docking, Baits, Boats, Ships, Vessels, Buoys, Cabin & Galley, Chains, Charting, Compasses, Cordage, Fish Finders, Echo Sounders, Floats, Generators, GPS, Hoist, Hooks, Life Belts, Navigation, Fishing Nets, Propulsion, Radars, Ropes, Sonars, Winches.
FISH PROCESSING EQUIPMENT: Automatic Feeders, Blades, Bone/Meat Separators, Classifiers, Conveyors, Cookers, Cutting, Deboning, Deheading, Eviscerating, Dewatering Press, Filleting, Gutting, Grading, Heading & Gutting, Marinating, Mincing, Peeling, Salting, Scaling, Seaming, Skinning, Slicing, Triming.
CANNED FISH EQUIPMENT: Autoclaves, Heckweighers, Cloasing & Seaming, Cooking, Sterilizers, Grading, Work Tables, Smoking, Cans & Tins, Labelling.
FROZEN FISH EQUIPMENT: Cold Storage, Condensers, Contact Plate Freezers, Cooling Cells, Evaporators, Ice Producers, IQF Graders, Freezing Tunnels, Plate Freezers, Refrigerated Vehicles, Refrigerated Freezers.
FISHMEAL & FISHOIL EQUIPMENT: Esterilizers, Ginders, Pelletizers, Screens, Steam Cookers, Steam Dryers, Stick Water Plants, Chemicals.
AQUACULTURE EQUIPMENT: Aeration, Air Analyzers, Blowers, Breeding, Chillers, Compressors, Diffusers, Feeders, Filtration, Floating Structures, Generators, Hatchery, Heaters, Nets, Tanks & Liners, Ultrameters.
PACKING EQUIPMENT: Bags, Boxes, Cylinders, Tanks, Coding

Introduction :

"Expo Pesca & AcuiPeru" is the only international event specialized in Fisheries and Aquaculture, that is organized in Peru every two years since 2003.

Exhibitors are Suppliers of Equipment, Supplies and Services for Fisheries and Aquaculture from all over the world, while Visitors are Fishing and Aquaculture Businessmen from Peru and Latin America.

This event also present the Exportable Offer of Fresh, Frozen, Dried Salt and Canned Fish and Seafood, as well as Fishmeal and Fishoil to International Importers, presenting new products and brands.

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Title General Manager Name Guillermo Thais
Telephone (511) 201-7820 Fax (511) 201-7820 (209)
Address Jr. Diego de Agüero 268, Monterrico
City/State Lima Country Peru