2014 High-end Bottled Drinking Water Expo
Date : Apr 08, 2014 - Apr 10, 2014
Opening Hours : 9:00am-4:30pm
Venue : CIEC
Location Address :
Country : China
Organizer : Shibowei International Expo Co.,LTD
Show URL : http://www.sbwexpo.com/en/index.html
Number of exhibitors : 800
Major Exhibits :

1, Direct drinking products: mineral water, pure water, the ecological water, soda water, the alkaline water, mineral water, deep sea water, mint water, bottled water, natural water, distilled water, etc; 2, Health water equipment: water cleaner, water dispenser, straight water dispenser, soft water dispenser, living water machine, electrolytic water cleaner, Energy activated water machine, ionic water machine, Nano electrolytic multifunctional water machine, drinking water equipment and related equipment accessories etc; 3, Health drinking vessels: Nanometer ecological anti-bacterial glass, health care functional activated glass, energy glass, Health cup,this series of Health drinking vessels etc

Introduction :

“Drink high-end healthy water, enjoy a healthy life” Live along with people horizontal of exaltation, consume healthily get into people's consumption idea, so healthy drinking water also is subjected to favor. With the trend of the market development and promote the high-end drinking water industry to be specialization, branding, and internationalization. China National Health Association for health drinking water professional committee (The charge of the Ministry of health) decides to hold International High-end Water Expo in April.

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Title Ms. Name Angie You
Telephone 8610-85785036-620 Fax 8610-51413308
E-mail waterexposition@126.com
Address Room 904, Cell 4, Building 1, No 69(Fortune street tower), Chao yang District,Chao yang Road, Beijing
City/State Beijing Country China
Anfas Bevex Trade Exhibition For Beverage
Date : Feb 02, 2012 - Feb 04, 2012
Opening Hours : 09:00 am-18:00pm
Venue : Antalya Expo Centre
Location Address : Pınarlı Beldesi 07110 Aksu - Antalya
Country : Turkey
Organizer : Anfas Fair Management
Show URL : http://www.anfasbevex.com
Number of exhibitors :
Major Exhibits :

Alcoloholic Beverages
Soft Drinks
Tea& Coffee
Water & Bottling Technologies
Energy Drinks
Concentrate Drinks & Fruit Juices
Soda & Mineral Water
Beverage Packaging Equipments & Technologies Cocktail Sauces Wine Firms Regional Wholesale Firms Sectoral Publications

Introduction :

In 2011, ANFAS Bevex was a part of ANFAS Food Product which was organized in 40.000 m2 closed area and 6 halls with 314 exhibitor firms and 44.156 professional visitors. This year, Anfas Bevex Exhibition will be held on a different date from Anfas Food Product and it will be pretty effective in Eurasia!

Turkey is the most important target for food and beverage firms with it's hotel bed capacity of 658.000 at tourism sector.

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Title Ms. Name Ayse Yakisir
Telephone 00902424622000 Fax 00902424622004
E-mail ayse.yakisir@anfas.com.tr
Address Pınarlı Beldesi 07110 Aksu - Antalya
City/State Antalya Country Turkey
Date : Mar 01, 2011 - Mar 04, 2011
Opening Hours : 10:00 - 17:00
Venue : Makuhari Messe (Halls 1-8)
Location Address : Tokyo
Country : Japan
Organizer : Japan Management Association
Show URL : http://www3.jma.or.jp/foodex/en/index.html
Number of exhibitors : 2,100
Major Exhibits :

Food: Agricultural Products, Breads and Cereals, Confectionery, Dairy Products, Delicatessen, Dietetic Products, Eggs and Poultry, Frozen Food Products, Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs and Spices, ingredients, Meat and Meat Products, Oils, Organic Products, Seafood, Seasonings and Condiments, Soup Stock, Beverage: Beer, Brandy, Liqueurs, Spirits, Whiskey, Wine, Coffee and Tea, Fruit Juice,
Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Transportation Services, Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Introduction :

Asia's No. 1 food & beverage trade show attended by
market leaders and key buyers, FOODEX JAPAN is your chance to
expand your business in Japan and across Asia

Held annually in Japan, FOODEX JAPAN welcomes 2,100+ exhibitors from
60+ countries & regions, and draws 80,000+ professional visitors during the
4-day show period.
FOODEX JAPAN is a platform for exhibitors and visiting buyers to meet and interact, offering key opportunities for dynamic discussions and business possibilities to enter Asian and global markets.

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Title Show Manager Name
Telephone +81-3-3434-8076 Fax +81-3-3434-8076
E-mail foodexinternational@convention.jma.or.jp
Address 3-1-22 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku
City/State Tokyo Country Japan