Multiphase Pumping & Metering Technology 2012
Date : Feb 28, 2012 - Feb 29, 2012
Opening Hours : 8.00 - 18.00
Venue : Jarkata
Location Address : Jarkata
Country : Indonesia
Organizer : Arc Media Global
Show URL :
Number of exhibitors : 20
Major Exhibits :

Topics include:
- Design considerations for multiphase-pump packages and associated equipment
- Control and operational issues with multiphase pumps
- Recent field experience with multiphase pumping, metering and wet-gas metering
- Multiphase meter and wet-gas meter qualification, field testing and selection
- Achieving mutually beneficial operator-vendor relationship

Tremendous savings in capital and operating costs are realized from strategic placement of multiphase pumps since large separators, liquid pumps and compressors are eliminated.

Is Asia reaping the same benefits? Providing you with international operator case studies and expert commentaries, this event is an independent platform where you can evaluate and discuss with peers how these technologies can benefit your company in the long term.

Introduction :

Arc Media Global presents Asia’s most informed meeting place for facilities, process and instrumentation engineers implementing multiphase pumping and metering technologies.

Ensuring reliability, cost savings and effectiveness in the use of multiphase technologies; multiphase pumps and meters are quickly evolving technologies that have gained acceptance as a ‘best practice’ in fields around the world.

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