Reha+Aid China 2011
Date : Nov 12, 2011 - Nov 14, 2011
Opening Hours : 9:00 - 17:00
Venue : Continent International Commerce Demonstration Center
Location Address : Guangzhou
Country : China
Organizer : Guangzhou Grandeur (Hongwei) Exhibition Services Co., Ltd
Show URL :
Number of exhibitors : 250
Major Exhibits :

Exhibition highlights

Equipment for Rehabilitation and Aid Treatment: facility and instrument for the disabled of hearing, visual, intellect, body, breathing aids, treatment and measuring instruments, pressure sore prevention, puzzle, fitness equipment, etc

Prostheses and Orthoses: shaft technology; socket and custom-fitted components; control technology and sensors; cosmetic components, support bandages; splints; bodices; corsets; seat orthoses; 3D measuring equipment, orthopaedic footwear technology, Neck and Chest Brace,Elbow Brace,Air-permeable Lumbar Elastic Corset,Pediatric Bilateral Slider Hip Outreach brace,Hinged Hip Abduction Orthosis,Adjustable Jacket Brace

Special Instruments for Mobility: wheelchairs; vehicles; crutches; walking and support sticks; scooters; transfer lifts; walking aids, etc Appliance for Rehabilitation and Nursing: medical and healthcare instruments for Rehabilitation, nursing and training; exercise devices; health-keeping medicine, etc

Special Sanitary Equipment: bathing and toileting accessories incontinence aid and assist for the disable and elderly Special Bedroom Accessories: aided beds and seating accessories; special dining instruments, etc

Barrier-free Facilities: household sets (kitchen, bathing, bedding, etc); Special Learning and Communicating Equipment; public infrastructures .

Nursing Care : testing instruments, mobile phone ,shoes clothing ,knitting supplies ,convenience products, nutrition and health food, anti-aging medicine ,massage and the other health products.

Recreation: game, champion, sports equipment Related Institutions and Organizations: institutions providing services ranging from financial management; traveling arrangement; legal consultation; medical treatment; relevant media, magazines and journals, etc.

Introduction :

About RAC2011
The fact that the world leading trade show RAC2011 will take place the first time in Guangzhou on Nov. 12-14, 2011.We dedicate to build the world-leading trade fair. Roughly 250 international companies, will display their products and services at the RAC2011 trade fair from 12th to 14th Nov. 2011. Amongst them are numerous exhibitors from China and abroad. Rehabilitation engineers, prosthetists, orthotists, shoemakers, biomechanical, specialist wholesalers and retailers, engineers, doctors and physiotherapists from across the world meet in RAC2011 to learn about the latest product innovations and trendsetting technology.
Nov. 12th 2011 will become a busy week for you and your friends. Meet old friends, and make new ones from all corners of the world. Over 25 countries were represented in one of the most diverse events the disabled and the aged have ever experienced. Learn new languages, understand new cultures, and develop new traditions, all under one roof! Make your plans and come be a part of the RAC2011.

WHY RAC2011 (Preview)
1、For the first major event, we are proud to announce that it is free of charge to attend RAC2011 both for exhibitors and visitors (Note: limit one Standard Shell Scheme booth to each exhibitor)
2、More than 250 exhibitors from all over the world will be presenting their latest products and services, research findings and studies – here you will be able to get direct experience of numerous world and European firsts, as well as keeping up with all the current developments in the sector. Visitors from over 30 countries and exhibitors from more than 25 different nations meet up every year in Guangzhou , the City of Trade Fairs
3、RAC2011 is not only the first state-level exhibition of goods, devices and equipments for the disabled and elderly in South China, but also an excellent platform for the rehabilitation industry on the purpose of welfare propaganda, product showing, government sourcing, trading negotiation, technical interaction and public experience.
4、Manufacturers‘ latest developments, therapy options and tips for sales and marketing, business organisation and IT will be among the main issues to be addressed.
5、You’ll experience an action-packed week of exhibitions and networking for one of the most memorable events you’ll ever attend. Admission is free, and the experience is priceless.
6、Industry Characteristic in Guangzhou: Guangzhou, situated in southern of China, has a strong industrial base and a large number of small medium and large enterprises, is the world’s most competitive manufacturing base. This industry characteristic in this area is also a highlight of RAC2011 which makes it easier to get our attendees.

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