Date : Nov 08, 2012 - Nov 18, 2012
Opening Hours : 8:00 - 17:30
Venue : Imperial Queen's Park Hotel
Location Address :
Country : Thailand
Organizer : ProCOngress (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Show URL : http://www.wbu-icevi2012.org
Number of exhibitors : 50
Major Exhibits :

Products and services for blind and visually impaired persons.
Braille displays, note takers, systems and assistive devices for the visually impaired Braille printing machine

Introduction :

WBU-ICEVI 2012 aims to provide a stimulating opportunity for the sharing of information, knowledge, and experience about news and innovative concepts which will bring changes and improvements in the qualities of lives of those who are blind and partially sighted for the general benefit of the society.

Moreover, this joint event's objectives are to provide common platform for consumers, service providers, and other key members of the society to expand both intra-regional and international network, share information, and learn about specific techniques and new options of service model practiced to benefit the society as a whole. WBU-ICEVI 2012 will bring together participants from across the region and around the world which makes this joint event one of the best opportunities of the year to have conversation, collaboration, and networking between participants which will encourage greater stability in the future.

Keywords :
Title Registration Executive Name Thamon Prateepsukpakorn
Telephone +66 2 956 1580 Fax +66 2 932 4454
E-mail registration@wbu-icevi2012.org
City/State Bangkok Country Thailand