‘WeLoveU Provides Supplies for Educational Support in La Paz, Tarlac
Oct 25, 2019

The Int’l WeLoveU Foundation recently donated supplies for educational support of students at Engracio M. Castaneda Central Elementary School in La Paz Tarlac . A donation ceremony was held at 10:00AM on October 24, 2019 at the school grounds with a surprise number from the Drum and Lyre Corps.

The donation includes 100 sets of bags, school supplies, and umbrellas. The ceremony was graced with the presence of Ms. Sheila D. Mabutol, Ed. D., Principal II; Hon. Armando B. Banag, Barangay Captain; Hon. Venustiano D. Jordan, Municipal Mayor; Dr. Ronaldo A. Pozon, Schools Division Superintendent; and Mr. Minho Koo, representative of WeLoveU Foundation.

Ms. Mabutol expressed her gratitude saying, “We are truly blessed and thankful for having known this organization who has the passion of helping and giving to people around the world ... From the name itself, WeLoveU, they try to spread their love and embrace people by doing this, should I say a heroic act, and something that is worth emulating. For that, thank you very much WeLoveU Foundation.”

During the program, Mayor Jordan thanked the foundation in his message, “Thank you WeLoveU Foundation for doing something valuable for the people of La Paz and for your never ending support to those who are in need,” while also putting much emphasis on how important education is to the development of a country and the positive effect of supporting the children’s educational needs.

The officials of WeLoveU expressed their determination saying, “We wanted to present hope and courage to young students who study hard in poor environment. We hope that our students may dream a bright future in a better environment through the donation which our members have gathered.”

The Int’l. WeLoveU Foundation, a global welfare organization, carried out various educational support activities in the country. Besides donating school supplies, it also provided an Audio-visual Educational Facility and constructed school buildings. In 2017, it donated 20 sets of 40 inches TV, laptop, and speaker to Quezon City’s Bagong Silangan Elementary, where the educational facility and equipment are poor. And in 2013, it constructed the school buildings of National Tanauan High School and 2nd Central Elementary School in Tanauan, where the school buildings collapsed due to the Typhoon Haiyan. It also donated desks and school supplies for the said schools.

Besides these, the WeLoveU carried out various activities in the country. At the time of typhoon Haiyan, it also contributed to the support of manpower for packing relief goods for the victims and carried out meal service. Considering the situation of the country which is vulnerable to the climate change, it also actively carried out the Clean WORLD Movement to face climate change. It continuously carries out the activities in all regions of the country including the lowland waterfront city, Manila, Mandaluyong, Davao, Pagadian, and Las Piñas. And it untiringly helps vulnerable class people by supporting daily necessities at nursing homes, food for fire victims, and surgical fee for the diabetic, etc.

The WeLoveU Foundation proclaimed “Save the World” project this year, which willingly takes the lead in supporting the vulnerable class people by conducting big events like Walkathons and Blood drives. Last May, it took the lead in helping the victims of various disasters, tree planting, and educational support through the “21st New Life Family Walkathon, Philippines” held at the Sunken Garden of the University of the Philippines. Last July, it also donated blood and helped in the lack of blood supply by holding the “Worldwide Blood Drive Movement.” At that time, the blood drive event was held in 13 cities including Tarlac City, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Baguio, General Santos; a total of 2,000 people participated in this event and 850 of them succeed in donating their blood. It is a precious result which can save 2,550 people’s lives if we suppose that a person’s donation of blood can save three lives.

These heartfelt activities of WeLoveU are receiving the support and encouragement of International organizations, government of the countries, and local government. With these support and encouragement, it received many awards from each country, and even received the US Presidential award for volunteer service (Gold, 4 times, highest award for an organization), the Order of Merit from Korea, the Order of Merit from President of Cambodia, Peru Women's Welfare Minister Award, Europe Representative Environment Award Green Apple Award (Silver).

An official of the WeLoveU resolved, saying “The foundation of our activity is the heart of a mother who regards the people of the world as a global village family. We will contribute more for the hopeful future of the global village family with the heart of a mother who sacrifices herself and gives everything for her family.”

# # #

Thea Cordero
WeLoveU Coordinator