$156.4 Million Worth of Business Deals Sealed During the 20th Edition of Dubai Derma
Jul 09, 2021

Number of Visitors Exceeded Expectations and Reached 27,236 Visitors from 110 Countries

Dr. Hassan Galadari: “The effect of the COVID-19 Vaccine on Fillers Injected in the Face Is Extremely Rare and Uncommon”

Dubai- United Arab Emirates, 8 July 2021: The 20th edition of Dubai World Dermatology and Laser Conference and Exhibition ‘Dubai Derma’, was successfully concluded today at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Under the theme ‘Skin Health is our Concern’, the annual global skincare gathering in Dubai, brought together leading skincare specialists, top surgeons and physicians from across various countries under one roof to explore the latest technology advancements and medical treatments for different types of skin diseases.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman, Dubai Derma and Chairman of INDEX Holding said: “The success of ‘Dubai Derma’ is a reflection of the UAE’s pioneering position as the ideal place to hold conferences, exhibitions, and world-class meetings. We are very proud of the success the 20th edition of ‘Dubai Derma’ has witnessed, as the number of visitors exceeded the expected number and reached 27,236 visitors from 110 countries, and it gives us immense pleasure to announce that the event concluded with over $156.4 Million worth of business deals signed over the past three days, which is a 15% increase from the 19th edition. This confirms that ‘Dubai Derma’ is not only considered an instrumental event for professors, doctors, lecturers and specialists, but it is also a significant platform for international, regional and local companies and brands to seek and nurture business opportunities and long-term partnerships and connections.”

He concluded: “this monumental success would not have been possible without the support ‘Dubai Derma’ has received throughout the years. I take this opportunity to thank our key stakeholders in the government and private sectors, and presidents of the world’s leading dermatology associations, exhibitors and speakers for their invaluable support in making Dubai Derma a grand success.”

Dr. Hassan Galadari, Head of Scientific Committee, Dubai Derma Conference said: “We have witnessed a substantial increase in cosmetic procedures, the period after the lockdown. We believe this increase was due to the fact that people were surprisingly looking at themselves more often, especially on computer screens during repeated online meetings. As it is quite known, lighting, camera quality, the angle where it's placed, and many other factors play a huge role on how our image is captured, thus, distorts how a person actually appears. This has led to a misconception of perceived defects that has fed the increase of cosmetic procedures.”

He continued: “The increase we have seen were more related to the under-eye area. Patients were hyperaware of their fine lines, hollowness and dark circles, made even worse by stress or changes in sleeping patterns.”

While commenting on the COVID-19 vaccine’s association with dermal fillers, Dr. Galadari said: “The effect of the COVID-19 vaccine on fillers injected in the face is extremely rare and uncommon. The concern of swelling of injected areas should not be a cause for refusing to get the vaccine.”

He concluded: “The effect is mainly a slight swelling of the injected area, and it shouldn’t cause any concern as it is a natural response. Vaccines affect the body’s immune response. This effect on the immune system makes it react to areas where foreign materials are present. This is an uncommon reaction that is transient and can be easily treated. Interestingly, hypertension medications known as ACE inhibitors seem to reverse the reaction. So, get your vaccine shot.”

Furthermore, the third and last day of ‘Dubai Derma’ conference discussed many key topics such as Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology, Filler Injections, Controversies in Laser Hair, Laser Therapy for Pigmented Lesions, and much more.

Dubai Derma is annually organized by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions, a member of INDEX Holding, in cooperation with the Arab Academy of Dermatology and Aesthetics (AADA).


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