The 2018 Design Mark Winners - Golden Pin Concept Design Award
Sep 04, 2018

Taipei, TAIWAN --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2018 unveils 45 Design Mark winning concepts, created by designers from Taiwan, China, South Korea, and the UK. The judging concluded at Taiwan Design Museum in Taipei on August 24, and the Design Mark winners’ list was revealed on August 27. All of the winning design concepts are now in the running for one of three Best Design trophies, and a cash prize in excess of US$13,000.

The 2018 Design Mark Winners Unveiled

The Design Mark winners comprise the top 1% of the total 4,640 entries in this year’s award. Of the 45 Design Mark winning concepts, 30 are from designers in Taiwan, 13 from China, 1 from South Korea, and 1 from the UK. There are 18 winning concepts in the Product Design category, 19 in the Visual Communication Design category, 2 in the Packaging Design category, and 6 in the Spatial Design category. Follow this link for the Design Mark winners’ list:

Judges’ Remarks on the Secondary Selection

Keng-Ming Liu (Creative Director of Bito) and David Wang (Founder of bod design corp.) both agree that the trend of “localization” is most evident among the Design Mark winners. Many of the design concepts reflect cultural phenomena in the designer’s local area, or convey concerns for workers in the agriculture, forestry, fishery, and farming industries. Shu Chang Kung (President of the Chinese Society of Interior Designers) comments on the changing role of spatial designers over the past two or three years. Spatial designers increasingly highlight the importance of building materials, production models, and the relationship of manmade structures with the environment. Often, he finds that these considerations are becoming more important than the design itself, which he says is reflected in this year's winning design concepts.

As for the judges’ marking criteria, Keng-Ming Liu says the design concept should be honest, unconstrained, and endowed with the designer’s sense of humor. Chi-mei Chang (Honorary President of Taiwan Graphic Design Association) is attracted to the sense of simplification through design, and rejects those that over design in an effort to win the award. Shu Chang Kung believes that the enemy of concept design is kitsch or populism, and like Keng-Ming Liu, he appreciates the designer’s sincerity. Tahan Lin (CEO of Backer-Founder) warns of concept design without purpose. Lin says, whether the designer researches well, and whether the user can experience the designer’s vision, are his most important considerations.

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