3 Reasons an ID Card System Could be Game Changing for Your Business
Apr 30, 2018

Businesses of all sizes, operating across virtually all industries, are becoming increasingly concerned about their security. Widespread complacency on the part of corporations who have been entrusted with customer data made it possible for a number of serious data breaches to occur over the last couple of decades. While many of these data breaches occurred remotely, with nefarious actors sometimes infiltrating businesses from the other side of the world, there are also increasingly frequent reports of cyber-criminals gaining access to systems physically in order to infiltrate them.

The more valuable the data, information, and equipment that your business keeps on site, the more attractive a target it will make for would-be thieves. Until relatively recently, security was all about putting up big, thick doors and multiple physical locks. Today, many businesses prefer to use sophisticated biometric and other electronic security systems. Preventing unauthorized individuals from being able to access your business is vital to protect your brand and your reputation.

An ID card system is an excellent way of obtaining the primary security benefits of an electronic system without having to take the same hit to your business finances.

Easy Identification

Many business owners underestimate how much difference it can make to the atmosphere of the workplace when employees all know one another’s names. In small workplaces, it is easy to take this for granted. However, in larger businesses where it is impractical for any worker to know all of their colleagues, having ID cards makes it easy for workers to identify one another. By using color coding, you can also allow employees to instantly identify which department they work in.

The job of security is much easier when they can simply ask for an ID card to confirm if individuals are authorized to be there. Using custom ID cards will make them harder to impersonate.

Delineate Different Areas

Using an ID card system makes it easy to restrict access to certain areas of the building. By deciding on a number of different ‘permission levels’ for employees, you can assign your workers to a particular level and allow them to access corresponding areas of the building.

Not only can ID cards help to delineate physical space, they can also be combined with IT systems to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to undertake particular computer tasks.

Make Staff Feel Safer

It is important that your staff feel safe, both when they are at work and when they are traveling to and from it. Introducing ID cards can go a long way to making your staff feel safer at work. While it is an effective security measure, it is not nearly as imposing as other measures, such as metal detectors, for example. When a business invests in heavy security on their doors when it is not needed, it creates the impression of a much more dangerous place than really exists. This will reflect poorly on your brand.

Introducing an ID card system is an excellent way of improving security at your business. Electronic security systems are the future. By investing in infrastructure now, you will be ready to improve upon it in years to come.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash