330 brands exhibit alongside 6 curated spaces at 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan
Apr 23, 2019

Fair On the Move - Design in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, April 24-28

Taipei, TAIWAN --( ASIA TODAY )-- 330 brands exhibit at 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan’s Fair On the Move - Design in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from April 24 to 28. The exhibitors are divided into five sections related to Home, Gift, Fashion, Dining, and Culture of Origin. All the curated exhibits are free to enter and open to the public from April 26 to 28, while the first two days (April 24 to 25) are reserved for professional buyers only.

Six curated spaces form the main attraction in several sections of the Fair On the Move - Design exhibition. The first curated space in the (S2/S3) Gift section are “Life! Lab -Beauty in Utility” showcasing product that are born from the philosophy of form follows function, and “Life! Lab -Beauty in Friendliness” focusing on products made from environmentally friendly materials. Second is the (S7) NEXT section, which explores new possibilities in Taiwan’s hotel and tourism industry, bringing together interior designers with decor, furniture, and hospitality supply brands. The third curated space in the (S2) Gift section is “Taiwan-Japan Express”, which aims to increase Taiwanese brands’ access to the Japanese marketplace through a collaboration between Taiwanese crowdfunding platform flyingV and Japanese advertising company Agile Media Network. Fourth is (S6-2) “Dainippon-ichi Taiwan EXPO” by three hundred year old Japanese home gifts store Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, introducing traditional crafts from Taiwan and Japan. The fifth curated space is located in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park’s Design Pin store and it exhibits a selection of the winning products from this year’s Cultural & Creative Award, which takes place during 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan. The sixth curated space in the (S6-1) Culture of Origin section is “Hi Story Past and Future”, which brings together five national museums from all across Taiwan to narrate a timeline of Taiwanese history. The five national museums are National Museum of Prehistory, National Museum of Taiwan History, National Taiwan Museum, National Human Rights Museum, National Center for Traditional Arts.


The National Palace Museum collaborates with Taiwanese digital lomography brand Paper Shoot to create the special edition Jadeite Cabbage CROZ camera. Paper Shoot was founded in 2013 and the original CROZ camera debuted in 2017, marketing itself as a stripped down digital camera with no preview screen and just one button, which controls both the shutter and the power. This special edition version of the CROZ camera is licensed by Taiwan’s National Palace Museum to incorporate the famous Jadeite Cabbage in its design, finished with opulent brass details.

The Philippe Starck design hotel in Taipei, S Hotel collaborates with the famed fashion label Paul & Joe to launch a designer afternoon tea event, and several Taiwanese brands’ products were selected for the event. One of those selected is interior design studio turned lifestyle brand Moosy Life, and its rose gold and acrylic jewelry organizer, Magic Mirror Box. Another is DOUXTEEL and its dazzling SHIMMER PLATTER, which features brass ripples mimicking the reflection of the moon on water. WAGA Store also features with its “Earth Whisper” Dinner Plate Series, which captures the natural textures of the earth. All three brands are exhibiting in the (S7) NEXT section.

Reinforcement Chair by Pd SOLO is inspired by brutalist architecture. The stools are made from blocks of waste concrete, recovered from demolition sites in Taiwan, and mounted onto a frame made from steel reinforcing bars. Eco-friendliness is a core value at Pd SOLO, and by using waste as a raw material, the brand is contributing to environmental protection. Reinforcement Chair is exhibiting in the (S1) Gift section at booth S1-032.

Pear Pen by Ririren Rural is another eco-friendly product. It makes use of waste pear tree materials that would normally be burned as agricultural waste, turning the wood into a stationery collection. To discourage farmers from burning the material, Ririren Rural purchases it from them at TWD$20 per kilogram, and uses it to create a series of pens. Pear Pen is exhibiting at the “Taiwan-Japan Express” curated space in the (S2) Gift section.

From April 26 to 28 there are a total of eighty activities including forums and workshops, and all attendees who check-in via Facebook receive a free gift.

About Creative Expo Taiwan
Since 2010, the annual Creative Expo Taiwan has showcased the best of Taiwan’s culture and creativity. This year’s Creative Expo Taiwan marks the unveiling of a new cultural corridor in Taipei. The main events will take place at five locations along the corridor — Huashan 1914 Creative Park, C-Lab, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei Expo Park - Expo Dome, and TRW Railway Museum.

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