5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job
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Feb 18, 2014

Sometime in your career, there will be instances when you feel like you’re not satisfied with your job. If you are fortunate enough to find a solution to improve the situation, you may get things back on track. But in case there’s no remedy, quitting your job seems to be the right choice. Below are some of the signs that indicate it may be time to quit.

You’re distracted all throughout the day

There will always be those times when you can’t concentrate on your work and that’s perfectly normal. What isn’t, is when you’re distracted all throughout the day, every day of the workweek. When your mind wanders even if you have lots of work to be done, then you have a problem.

More importantly, if you’re too distracted to get any work done and you know you’re losing the company money but feel indifferent about it, chances are, it’s time to quit. Remember that if you actually like what you’re doing, you’d feel guilty wasting precious company time and resources.

You dread Mondays but always look forward to Fridays

Mondays are always a drag but it’s when you start feeling that Fridays are taking so long to arrive and that weekends pass by in a blur that it may be time to quit. Also, if you’re unable to enjoy your weekend because you’re worrying too much about Monday approaching, then it’s seriously time to move on.

Your values no longer align with the company

When your values no longer align with the company you begin to doubt everything they tell you. Professional lines start to blur and you begin to drift away from the company. As a result, your work performance will be affected. In order to be at your most productive professionally, it is important that you believe in the goal you and the company is working hard to achieve. If you realize that your values no longer match those of your employers’, it’s time to think about whether you should stay in your job.

You forget about the company when you leave office

You don’t need to think about work every time but it’s when you don’t think about it at all that you should start worrying. People who love what they’re doing think about how much value they can add to their work even after they’re out of the office. They think about what they want to do the next day and plan what they’re going to achieve tomorrow.

If you’re looking at work as just work, then that’s exactly what happens. Perhaps it’s time to find out what you’re really passionate about and go after it rather than remain working in a company that’s giving you a hard time performing at your best.

You complain about work frequently

Your job might not be perfect and sometimes you complain about work. But if your resentment is so intense that you talk about it frequently, it’ll prevent you from taking a positive work attitude and getting things done. That isn’t healthy and you’re better off spending your energy doing something somewhere else.

The decision to quit your job and pursue something you’re passionate about is not something you make lightly. There are, of course, other factors you need to consider and the signs mentioned above can help you make a decision sooner.

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