8IH China (Shanghai) Co. Ltd Successfully Concludes the Inaugural Sinology & Value Investing Summit in China
Dec 05, 2017

5 December 2017, SINGAPORE - 8I Holdings Limited (ASX: 8IH) ("8IH" or "the Group") is pleased to announce that its Education subsidiary in China, Shanghai Rong Dao Culture Communication Co. Ltd ("8I Rong Dao"), has successfully concluded the inaugural Sinology & Value Investing Summit ("8IH CVIS" or the "Summit") in Shanghai.

The event took place in Nanjiao Hotel in Shanghai on 2nd December 2017 amidst strong support from 22 different print and online media channels including CCTV, Shanghai Television Station, China Business Network and East Money Information Co., Ltd.

With a participation of over 700 attendees from across the Asia Pacific, including entrepreneurs and investors from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Britain, Malaysia, Australia and Japan, some of the notable speakers at the Summit included:

- Liu Jian Wei, Chief Investment Officer of China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd.

- Chen Li, Chief Investment Officer of Shanghai Strength Assets Management Centre

- Yang Tao, Chairman of Shanghai Elegant Investment Co., Ltd.

- Dong Baozhen, Founder of China Ling Tong Value Investing Forum

- Dan Bin, FEOSO Harbour Investment Management Co., Ltd.

- Zhou Guiyin, China's Leading Sinology and Value Investing Practitioner and Research Expert, Chief Trainer of 8I Rong Dao

With a local take on the theme of "Achieving Financial Freedom through Value Investing", the objective of 8IH CVIS is to spread the wisdom of Sinology (a study of Chinese socio-economic and political trends) its relevance and application to the concept of value investing. This is in line with 8I Rong Dao's commitment to promote and inspire 100 million Chinese lives forward through Sinology-infused Value Investing; a belief that a rational investment methodology will contribute to the healthy development of China's capital market and thereby create a harmonious, prosperous and progressive society.

Various speakers explored the prospects and outlook of Value Investing in China, analysed case studies of outstanding listed companies in China and discussed the benefits of incorporating the essence of Chinese wisdom into their daily lives including investment and portfolio management. The Summit also saw the introduction of 8I Rong Dao's proprietary and improved range of Sinology-infused Value Investing programme series by Mr Zhou Guiyin:

- Fundamental Value Investing Program (觉悟智慧)

- Intermediate Value Investing Program (全息智慧)

- Advanced Value Investing Program (般若智慧)

Though the Chinese market has been commonly viewed as an unsuitable market for Value Investing, key speakers of the Summit, including Mr Zhou, have pointed out that the time is now right for Value Investing. He commented, "As China's economy is entering a period of steady growth, both global and local companies are benefitting from China's huge consumer market. With the Chinese government's push for the Belt and Road policy, the Chinese economy is expected to transition from high-speed to one that focuses on high-quality development."

General Manager of 8IH China (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, Mr Tian Dehua also expressed his positive views on the viability and prospects of a Sinology-infused Value Investing methodology in China. He said: "A strong capital market is essential for China's growth. For that, a greater number of qualified and emotionally resilient investors are required to stabilise and navigating the volatile market conditions. Throughout Chinese history, cultural prosperity has always supported the country's progress and development. 8I Rong Dao thereby leverages on Sinology to educate the Chinese public on the merits and rationality of Value Investing, and to create a positive and progressive environment for the Chinese capital market in pursuit of the 'China Dream'."

8IH CVIS is part of the global Value Investing outreach conference series under 8IH's portfolio.

The Summit was streamed live with 15,142 people tuning in online.

Ms Low Ming Li, Head of Investment in Private Markets of 8I Holdings Ltd, added, "We are very encouraged by the success of our Inaugural Sinology & Value Investing Summit in China. 8I Rong Dao is an important part of the growth strategy of 8I Holdings. We will continue to seek more opportunities in other cities in China to further advocate Value Investing methodologies to the general masses. As our programmes continue to penetrate the China market, we are optimistic on China becoming one of the important growth engines for 8I Holdings Ltd.


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