Access to quick healthcare with a cause = the passcode is NKF
Oct 14, 2017

Kuala Lumpur, 11 October 2017 – BookDoc, a leading healthcare online platform, together with National Kidney Foundation (NKF) of Malaysia makes living healthy a rewarding journey as the application now boasts a host of impressive health features and partners to further bring health information and medical support to simply anyone with just a touch of a button.

The platform’s core objective is to improve lives by making it easier for people to schedule, travel and see a doctor through the clever combination of several services under one roof. With features such as transport booking platform Uber and Grab; navigation tool Waze; accommodations platform Airbnb and Agoda; including hotel booking platform TripAdvisor, plus selecting your favourite health store and dining options near you; to even collecting points for every step you make towards a healthier life by getting rewarded with products from partners like Guardian, Zalora, Fave, and more under four tiers which are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. BookDoc certainly wants to make healthy living a painless process that is also rewarding.

What is more rewarding is also the ability to give back. When registering on BookDoc with the passcode ‘NKF’, you are entitled to enjoy the application service for free for three months as each month subscription rate is RM4.00 and in addition an amount of RM1.00 will be donated towards NKF for a good cause.

The selection of NKF as its first and only beneficiary was spurred by the heartening initiatives carried out during the World Kidney Day celebration. With the growing number of health concerns that leads to kidney failure, this partnership aims to support NKF’s efforts in raising the standards of care for needy patients with kidney failure and those who are suffering from various kidney-related diseases.

“With the passcode ‘NKF’, users will enjoy the first three months of free subscription, giving them access to monthly health alerts, rewards from partners as well as healthy diet tips and kidney-related information as provided by NKF’s health professionals. In addition, NKF LifeCheck, a mobile healthcare screening service, has been embedded into the application. With this feature, it makes it easier for organisations and users to book screening service right at their fingertips”, said Dato’ Chevy Beh, Founder and CEO of BookDoc.

Mr. Chua Hong Wee, CEO of NKF added that, “NKF is thankful to have an additional partner to support our efforts in raising the standards of care we provide to patients with kidney failure and to those who are suffering from various kidney-related diseases. With the passcode ‘NKF’, BookDoc will donate RM1.00 to NKF initiative to further benefit poor kidney patients under our care. This is a great application to bring everyone to one platform to receive quick access to health information, doctors, centres and receiving rewards while supporting a good cause”.

With that, users can now experience the hassle-free medical services with healthcare professionals in order to provide timely care, access while reducing waiting time and living a healthy lifestyle.

The BookDoc application is available for free in both App store and Google Play store.

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National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia
The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping Malaysians suffering from end stage kidney failure who lack access to or cannot afford dialysis treatment. NKF currently has over 1,600 dialysis patients receiving subsidized dialysis treatment in over 26 dialysis centers nationwide.

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