Alibaba Business School Expands Global eCommerceTalent (GET) Network to Empower Young Malaysian Entrepreneurs
Jul 24, 2019

Sunway University joins Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), and INTI International University & Colleges as part of GET Network initiative to enable 1 million young digital talents worldwide by 2023

Hosts the first-ever symposium for the Alibaba GET Network and education stakeholders in China

Malaysian students from Northwestern Polytechnical University took first place at an inaugural competition for the Alibaba GET Network students

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 24, 2019 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Alibaba Business School announced the expansion of the Alibaba Global eCommerce Talent (GET) Network initiative yesterday, with eight new members joining and committing to facilitate the education and empowerment of youth around the world. Sunway University from Malaysia was one of the eight new member universities added to the worldwide network. The announcement was made at an Alibaba symposium held during the 12th Annual China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week.

Since the launch of the Alibaba GET Network, five Malaysian universities have joined the network to support the goal of empowering young Malaysian entrepreneurs to excel in the Digital Economy. This includes Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), INTI International University & Colleges, and most recently, Sunway University. Until now, 223 GET Network teachers from Malaysian universities have trained over 6,340 Malaysian students representing 46 organizations in Malaysia. The initiative underscores Alibaba Group’s ongoing efforts to sharpen the skills of Malaysia entrepreneurs, strengthen their existing businesses and empower the future makers of Malaysia’s Digital Economy.

The symposium “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education in the Era of the Digital Economy” brought together GET-trained university lecturers and students as well as representatives from 62 universities and partners across 22 countries including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Mexico.

More than 250 experts and representatives from Alibaba Group, various governments, universities and the digital industry joined stakeholders from the Alibaba GET Network to discuss how to further develop talents in the digital economy and drive a new business education model. It was part of the wider proceedings of the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week which encourage educational and cultural exchange between ASEAN nations and international partners since 2008.

“In the past years, Malaysia has cooperated with Alibaba closely. Our government, entrepreneurs and young people have all moved into the digital world. In Malaysia, leading universities have already commenced curriculum in digital economy which can guide students to turn idea into reality and practice. We believe talents emerging from digital economy will play an important role for the future economic development of any country and education underpinning this future success will be vital. Through the Alibaba GET program, more and more GET talents will be nourished from the meaningful program and bring very positive changes to Malaysia and the world.” said Prof. Dr. Rahmah binti Ahmad H.Osman, Director, Education Malaysia Division Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

First-ever Symposium for the Alibaba GET Network and Education Stakeholders

The symposium kicked off with speeches by Mr. Yang Zhuqing, Deputy Secretary of Education and Work Committee, Guizhou Province, China, Prof. Dr. Rahmah binti Ahmad H. Osman, Director, Education Malaysia Division Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Malaysia, Zhang Yu, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Dean of Alibaba Business School, and Brian Wong, Vice President of Alibaba Group. Sunway Education Group presented their GET teaching programs that were developed after their training by Alibaba Business School.

“Gaining access to the advice and assistance of the Alibaba GET Network will help us to better prepare our students to both succeed within the digital economy and ensure its sustainability in the long term. We believe our faculty and student body in our University & Colleges will benefit not only from the expertise and experience of Alibaba and its ecosystem, but also from the opportunity to interact with and cooperate with peers from other nations and cultures,” said Dr Elizabeth Lee, the CEO of Sunway Education Group.

“We are proud of the tremendous progress made by the Alibaba GET Network initiative over the past year to empower and enable inclusive growth in the era of the digital economy. The hundreds of lecturers we have trained globally and the Alibaba GET programs subsequently launched by participating universities have accelerated the pace at which we educate and empower the talents of tomorrow, and we are keen to replicate this success with our new slate of educational partners. We are grateful to all of our partners who have joined us in this effort to invest in our youth for a better future,” said Brian Wong of Alibaba Group.

As part of the Alibaba GET Network, education partners will receive learning materials based on real-world case studies and multimedia learning assets via the GET Online Learning Platform and Simulation Platform, taught by experts from the Alibaba ecosystem. Participating universities can also send their lecturers to receive further training on equipping students with the right knowledge and skills to succeed in the digital economy.

Inaugural Competition for the Alibaba GET Network Students

The inaugural GET Digital Economy Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition was also held during the symposium. Eleven finalist teams from eight universities presented their business proposals to a panel of judges. The winning team of four Malaysian students at Northwestern Polytechnical University, China prevailed with their idea of digitizing the family’s fish snacks business and entering the Chinese market through e-commerce, in addition to helping local SMEs in Malaysia to transform and tap into global trade.

“I have been fortunate to witness the real impact of digital economy on the Chinese society through the GET program. Inspired by the sharing sessions from the program, I decided to transform my family business by applying the learnings from the GET program. As easy it may sound, transforming a traditional fishery business in Malaysia that started in 1943 was fun and equally challenging. We hope that, in the future, we can help more SMEs in Malaysia to transform and be a part of the digital economy by bringing products overseas via ecommerce platforms and especially to the huge consumer base in China,” said Grace Ng, the team leader.

The Alibaba GET Network was first initiated in 2018 as an extension of Alibaba’s GET program which, to date, has benefitted 80 education partners and trained more than 300 lecturers, and over 13,000 students and other participants from Australia, India, Israel, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea, Singapore and China.

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