Allied Wallet Asia and Founder Andy Khawaja Announce New Asia Headquarters
Dec 25, 2019

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Allied Wallet Asia, an Asia-based division of Allied Wallet providing online payment processing, and Founder Andy Khawaja proudly announced the grand opening of a new Asian headquarters to serve the growing demand in Malaysia and Indonesia.

E-commerce is growing swiftly on a global level. The Malaysian e-commerce market of €1.1 Billion is expected to double by 2020. Indonesia already has about 31.65 million users and this number is projected to double to 54.05 million by 2022.

Allied Wallet is proudly announcing a new Asian headquarters to serve the 31.83 million Malaysian population and the 264 million Indonesian population as well as surrounding countries.

“93% of 16-24 year olds log on daily in Malaysia. Indonesian internet users spend about 3-5 hours a day online. There is a growing demand for safe payment processing in these countries and we want to facilitate that,” said Founder Andy Khawaja.

“Not only can we facilitate the payments, but we can support the preferred payment methods of the region,” Andy Khawaja added, “…we do more than support e-commerce - we stimulate growth and entrepreneurship.”

Preferred payment options like RHB Now, MyClear FPX, 7-eleven, e-Pay, MOLWallet, and AirCash in Malaysia and Alfamart, CIMB Clicks, Indomaret, and Mandiri Clickpay in Indonesia are not often supported by payment providers.

Allied Wallet not only enables business owners to accept these payments, but enables consumers to shop across borders. This is especially common in Indonesia where internet users often prefer to shop with merchants in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

Andy Khawaja added, “There is so much opportunity in this region, and we’re very proud to be able to support business owners and protect consumers with this new office.”

About Allied Wallet Asia:

Allied Wallet Asia continues to revolutionize the e-commerce industry by introducing new and innovative payment processing solutions for online merchants, enabling them to send and receive global payments. With PCI compliant merchant services for nearly any business size, Allied Wallet Asia provides a state-of-the-art payment gateway to optimize online transactions. Please visit

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