Around 95 State-Owned Companies to Take Part in IBDExpo 2017
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Sep 18, 2017

JAKARTA - (ACN Newswire) - The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise (MSOEs) of the Republic of Indonesia announced on Wednesday (9/13) that it would again organize Indonesia Business and Development Expo (IBDExpo) 2017. Due to be held in Jakarta Convention Center from September 20 to 23, 2017, this largest SOE exhibition in the country will be joined by around 95 Indonesian SOEs and region-owned enterprises as well as a number of Singaporean enterprises, incorporated in the Singapore Business Federation -- a Singaporean business community focusing on the areas of trade, investment, and industry.

With a theme of "Synergy to Make Indonesia Great", this year's event is, once again, organized by the National Publishing and News Corporation (NPNC), a consortium of four media-focused SOEs consisting of Antara News Agency, Balai Pustaka, National Publishing of Indonesia (PNRI), and Peruri.

According to Devi W. Suradji, Special Staff for Communications and Media of the Minister for SOEs, the IBDExpo 2017 is designed to expose the leap frogging progress made by the SOEs in shoring up the country's economy and promote the national growth and the public welfare.

"The leap frogging progress does not only refer to technological or infrastructural innovations, but also to innovation and achievement that promote the people's economy; the far-reaching economic contribution," Devi said.

Currently, the total assets of all state-owned enterprises are valued at Rp5,395 trillion with income of Rp1,728 trillion, annual tax contributions at Rp220 trillion and total annual dividend of Rp38 trillion.

Capital spending of the state-owned companies in 2017 rose to Rp555 trillion to finance development of 52 toll roads, 17 airports, 13 seaports and 19 rail tracks and other infrastructure.

Through the exhibition, the synergy of the SOEs, which is marked with the success in such projects as development of sea toll, Jakarta-Bandung high speed train and single price oil fuel program will also be shown.

Meanwhile, Chairman of IBDExpo 2017 Hempi N. Prajudi said that this annual event is designed to enable all participating SOEs to showcase their innovations and achievements and have opportunity to interact directly with visitors.

"Through this event, we encourage all of the SOEs to have direct interaction with the public; to hear their aspirations and even their complaints," said Hempi, who is also Commercial Director of Antara, Indonesia's national news agency.

Open for public and free of charge, the IBDExpo 2017 will also feature a number of flagship products and innovations of SOEs, such as Mobile Shooting Range and military vehicles provided by PT Pindad; flight simulator and a mockup of N219 airplane by PT Dirgantara Indonesia; virtual reality technology by PT Telkom; and many more.

In addition to the exhibition segment, IBDExpo 2017 will also feature a number of side events such as thematic press conferences, which will expose the SOE's achievements to support the implementation of President Joko Widodo's Nawacita (nine ideals) vision. Speaking at the "CEO BICARA", leaders of the SOEs would talk at about strategic development in the country such as program of sea toll, single price oil fuel program all over the country, creative houses of state-owned enterprises for the SMEs, railway transport and food security.

At the exhibition, 25 SOEs will also offer jobs in various sectors, and there would be seminar on business opportunities, and a forum of business discussions between leaders of SOEs and private companies.

The IBDExpo 2017 is scheduled to be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo and attended by a number of cabinet members, legislators, ambassadors, and C-suite invitees.

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