Beijing to become third city in China with regulations on autonomous driving tests
China Knowledge Online
Dec 17, 2019

Dec 17, 2019 (China Knowledge) - Following Shanghai and Guangzhou, Beijing will become the third city in China to implement regulations for testing of autonomous self-driving vehicles with driver onboard. The new regulations were issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, along with relevant authorities and organizations.

Under the new regulations, autonomous vehicles are required to be installed with the function to enable the instant switch from autonomous driving mode to manual mode. In addition, drivers in autonomous vehicles must be at least 18 years old of age, with good civil record. Drivers are also required to have recorded at least 100 hours of autonomous driving tests in autonomous vehicles.

The regulations also specified the insurance required. The minimum insurance for each autonomous vehicle is RMB 5 mln (USD 715,500), and each driver must also have a minimum of RMB 1 mln of personal accident insurance. Drivers are required to declare this insurance information with relevant personnel during the conduct of driving tests.

Moreover, autonomous vehicles must have completed at least 5,000 km of closed-circuit test driving before being allowed to be tested on selected open roads. Each vehicle need to fulfil a minimum of 100 km of driving tests.

Currently, autonomous driving is growing rapidly in China. According to analysts’ estimates, autonomous vehicles will likely make up 66% of total passenger-km traveled by 2040, with total market revenue of USD 2 trln from the sales of autonomous vehicles, as well as mobility services. Beijing has also slowly emerged at the forefront for the testing of autonomous vehicles, with 44 roads totaling 123 km being allowed for autonomous driving tests since Feb 2018.

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