Beijing InfoComm China Summit 2018 - Asia’s Biggest Classroom Presents Close to 60 Learning Sessions
Mar 08, 2018

Beijing, 8 March 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Beijing InfoComm China Summit is back. The highly-anticipated educational event is a component of Beijing InfoComm China 2018, Asia Pacific’s premier Professional AudioVisual (pro-AV) and Integrated Experience tradeshow, which will be held at the China National Convention Centre from 11 to 13 April 2018.

“Businesses are increasingly disrupted by new technologies and novel ways of using technologies,” said Richard Tan, Executive Director of InfoCommAsia. “Beijing InfoComm China Summit has, over the years, played a critical role in transforming the regional business landscape by availing information and ideas on how to embrace and creatively deploy cutting-edge pro-AV and integrated experience solutions.”

Beijing InfoComm China Summit is Asia’s biggest learning classroom for AV and IT professionals working in various industries as well as entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision-makers. This year, attendees can look forward to close to 60 free-to-attend learning sessions.

As an industry-centric platform, the Summit has – and will continue to – collaborate with end-user industry trade associations as well as leading technology publications to jointly organize seminars, forums and workshops. This ensures that presentations and discussions delve into pertinent current and future trends and issues affecting each industry, bringing invaluable insights to every forward-thinking business. This year, organizing partners and their subject coverage include:

 China InfoWorld – Technology Forums on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
 China Artificial Intelligence and Service Robot User Federation (CASR) – Technology Forums on AI and Robotics
 Electronic Government Association of Guangdong Province (EGAG)– Industry Forums on Smart City
 Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance (DSMA) Taiwan - Digital Signage Asia (DSMA) Forums
 InfoCommAsia QuickFire series

Summit sessions are organized into three broad programs. InfoCommAsia Seminars are aimed at AV and IT professionals. Industry Forums and Technology Forums are respectively specific to industries (For example, Education, and Smart City) and to specialized technologies (For example, AI, Internet of Things, and Robotics). These would be of interest to AV and IT professionals as well as entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision-makers across all industries.

A new program called QuickFire, organized by InfoCommAsia, is a series of 20-minute educational sessions designed for AV professionals of all experience levels. Conducted in a dedicated space called IFC QuickFire Arena, sessions will focus on the latest industry buzz such as digital experiences, understanding 4K, acoustics, and more.

Reflecting its reputation as the pro-AV and Integrated Experience industries’ leading knowledge- and information-sharing platform, the Summit continues to attract industry and academia luminaries who will address how digital and other game-changing technologies will shape the future of businesses.

Jose Alvaro Avalos, Vice President of Intel IoT Group and General Manager of Intel’s Visual Retail Division, is the keynote speaker at the Summit’s opening ceremony. His professional expertise includes digital signage, whiteboards and interactive smart devices. He is also leading initiatives in developing a global ecosystem of markets to promote sustainable development of the industry.

Kane Zhang, Senior Applications Engineer (Asia Pacific), Biamp Systems, will present “Video Compression Technology: Less is More…Sometimes”, “In-depth Analysis of CobraNet, Dante and AVB Port Redundancy”, and “How to Eliminate Audio Feedback in Meeting Rooms”.

Lu Xiaozheng, President of Luxi Electronics Corp, a trailblazer in digital audio technology, will present “4k, 8k TV, HDMI 2.1 and Video Technology Trends and Applications”, “Decrypting HDCP and EDID”, and “Audio Product Technical Specifications and System Gain Design”.

Other speakers at the Summit include Tao Zhang, Senior Vice President, EZPro International Technology Limited; Daniel Feng, CEO, Sentiment HIFI; Huang Jin, Trainer, SZ Reach Tech Co, Ltd.; Leo, Founder and CTO of DigiBird Technology Co, Ltd; Halley Han, CEO, Ventuz China; Zhang Ye, Technical Sales Manager, Extron Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Huang Jian, General Manager, Shenzhenair Hotel Management Co., Ltd.; Guo Baichun, Vice Mayor, Yinchuan City (Chief Architect of Smart City); and many more.

The following is a sampling of sessions that delegates from various industries can look forward to.
A comprehensive program schedule is available at or

InfoCommAsia Seminars include:
 FIR EQ Principle and Its Application
 Smart Home Retail Experience
 Forecast on ProAV Distribution Technology
 Exploration of Interactive Design in Data Visualization

Industry Forums on Smart City include:
 Using Commuter Big Data to Influence Urban Commuting Patterns
 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): A Key Application in Smart Vehicles
 Organic Integration of Public-Private Partnership with Smart Travel and Urban Transportation

Industry Forums on Education include:
 Deep Understanding of Interactive Learning Space
 Smart Classroom Makes a Leap- Construct a Highly-efficient Education Environment

Technology Forums on AI, co-organized with China InfoWorld, include:
 Artificial Intelligence Now and in the Future
 Opportunities and Challenges in the Industry Applications of AI
 Building China's Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Technology Forums on AI and Robotics, co-organized with CASR, include:
 The Importance of Customized AI Strategy for the Industry and Traditional Enterprises
 Using Artificial intelligence to Create Extraordinary Value
 Face Recognition Leads the Industry
 Development of Artificial Intelligence and Service Robot in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Technology Forums under DSA Forums, co-organized with DSMA Taiwan, include:
 A Discussion on Asia’s Cross-industry Applied Media
 The Current Digital Media Development Trend in Southeast Asia
 Digital Display Big Data

All booths are sold out for the Beijing InfoComm China 2018 exhibition. We thank all exhibitors, supporting organizations and kind sponsors for their relentless support and look forward to present another spectacular showcase this April.

Admission to Beijing InfoComm China 2018 and all its Summit sessions are free. Visitors can register their interest to visit the show, and check out the complete Summit program along with the latest updates, at the show’s official websites –

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