Brunei Drives Professional Gaming Sports
Sep 07, 2019

The Esports Association of Brunei has been launched by a group of ten of the leading gaming organisers and businesses in order to help facilitate the growth and popularity of professional video gaming, or electronic sports (e-sports), in the country.

The move follows an earlier statement by Brunei’s minister of culture, youth and sports Aminuddin Ihsan in March this year that the government was encouraging various types of sports in the Sultanate, including e-sports, and that it would support efforts to create an e-sports association to promote and legitimise gaming sports in the country.

Founding member and secretary Hawaii Yee said that registration of the association already took place in April, but a few formalities including the endorsement of their logo were still pending, Biz Brunei wrote.

The Esports Association’s priority will be to compile player records, beginning with Brunei’s biggest e-sports event, the TechXpo Cybergames Tournament, to form a national database that will aid the development of promising players that can represent the country at international contests. The association will also look to oversee all e-sport tournaments in Brunei.

According to Yee, e-sports has grown rapidly to a global audience of over 400 million with revenues surpassing $1 billion. Most professional gamers earn through a combination of placing at top-level tournaments, sponsorships and online streaming.

Yee said a gaming body in the country can also help raise awareness on competitive gaming and also help provide more jobs in Brunei.

However, grooming a pool of full-time gamers in Brunei would take “several years,” Yee said, adding that “at the moment in Brunei, there are only a few able to do this full-time.”