China Plans to Launch 6 AP1000 + 2 ACP1000 Nuclear Units in 2013
Feb 17, 2013

China has moved forward with new nuclear project approval and construction. “Four new nuclear projects (Shidaobay, Tianwan Unit 3&4, Fuqing Unit 4, and Yangjiang Unit 4) are now under construction” said an nuclear experts from China Nuclear Energy Association. Following these constructions, there are another 6 AP1000 + 2 ACP1000 nuclear units planned to be launched in 2013.

China’s leading nuclear company CNNC is promoting its developed III generation reactor technology ACP1000 overseas. To meet its plan, the Fuqing Unit 5&6 (ACP1000 Technology) will be under construction at the end of 2013. “The two units are now ready for bidding of its DCS System and Emergency Diesel Generator” mentioned by the Chief Designer of Fuqing Unit 5&6 during a conversation with INNCH International. The bidding for other main equipments (including primary coolant pumps, special cables, steam turbines and generators etc) is expected to happen in the mid of the year.

Additionally, the Guangdong Lufeng project Unit 1&2 (AP1000 Technology) will be expected to start construction this December. Two China EPC contractors SNPEC and CNPEC will cllaborate on this project. Both Sanmen and Haiyang Unit 3&4 project will also be in planning.

With this backdrop, we are happy to announce that the 4th Annual Nuclear New Build (China) Summit (NNBS) 2013 will be scheduled on April 18th-19th in Shanghai. The Chief Designer of Fuqing Unit 5&6 from CNPE and Director of Procurement and Supply Division of CNPEC will be present during this NNBS2013 meeting.

It also gathers together all players including: CNNC, CGNPC, CPI, SNPTC, Huaneng Nuclear Development Company, NPIC, CNPDC, SNERDI, SNPDRI, CNPRI, CNEC, CNPEC, CNPE, SNPEC, CZEC, China Huaxin Construction, Dongfang electric, Harbin electric, Shanghai electric, CFHI, China National Erzhong Group, Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Nucleoelectrica Argentina S.A., Utilities Services Alliance, Rosatom, Alstom, AREVA, EDF, Ansaldo Nuclear, and KHNP.

We are now finalizing the registration for the NNBS2013 Shanghai. Please mark your 2013 calendar and save the dates of April 18th-19th and secure your interest today! We look forward to working with your organization in the event and maximize your value in China.

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Emma Zhang