China's Electrical Engineering Contractors Will Gather on MATELEC EIBT China 2014
Oct 09, 2013

SHANGHAI -- For over 10 years until 2013, building construction in China has witnessed a rapidly developing tide. The market size of the building construction in China is approaching 1 billion RMB in 2013. Up to 2015, it is about to reach 1.2 billion RMB, and there will be 23 metropolises with more than 10 million population, which will vigorously promote the business of building construction in China. Besides, China’s 12th five-year plan clearly pointed out that both of the total value of out-put and added value of building construction should increase by 15%.

The fast developing market of building provides the electrical and intelligent building products a wide prospect in future market space. As the business link between factories and end users, electrical engineering contractors have become one of the most important accesses to the market.

CHC EXPO CHINA and Shanghai Electrical Engineering Association, organizers of MATELEC EIBT China--Shanghai International Electrical and Intelligent Building Technology Exhibition-- released recently that they are coordinating with several top associations and media in electrical and intelligent engineering field, by gathering their members with project purchasing needs to MATELEC EIBT China 2014. They will organize a series of technology forum in order to deliver MATELEC EIBT China 2014 exhibitors the first hand marketing information and buyers’ needs.

Except the electrical engineering companies, MATELEC EIBT China 2014’ buyers cover all the systems in electrical engineering, such as, lighting engineering, the low voltage cabinet installation and debugging engineering, lightning protection and grounding engineering, electrical fire protection engineering and etc. Besides, buyers from the end users, city planning institutions and construction survey design institutions will also be the key target. The full business chain will definitely offer MATELEC EIBT China 2014 exhibitors the most efficient access to all the application fields.

MATELEC EIBT China 2014 will gain its reputation of “the shortest-cut to the market demand” again, and aim to build the NO.1 “Electrical and Intelligent Building Technology Overall Solution” platform in China.

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