Chongzhou furniture industry exhibiting overseas, favoured by 15000 professional buyers
Oct 30, 2017

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At the end of "Chengdu Made, Global-Tour Chongzhou Furniture Industry", Quanyou is following up with 21 international clients who have reached a cooperative intention during the exhibition. "Chengdu Made, Global-Tour Chongzhou Furniture Industry" was held in Jakarta Convention Center from October 5th to 8th. Accroding to the organizers, more than 15,000 professional visitors attended, making it the most attractive stand of the Index Indonesia.

Business and Investment Promotion Bureau of Chongzhou organized 9 representative furniture companies including Quanyou - Chinese largest panel furniture manufacturer, M&Z-top 10 furniture brand across China. "We have met 118 key buyers, including 21 intention clients, which fulfills our expectation" Sale Director of Quanyou said. "It also helped us solidify the foundation to enter Indonesian and Southeast Asian market."

The "Cat Paradise" series of pet furniture made by Ximu was favored by professional audiences. "We received many professional buyers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Dubai, acquiring the commercial value and also lots of designers, to bring new inspirations to the industry."

Besides, representatives of Chongzhou furniture companies visited the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Indonesia, communicated issues of Indonesian local market and raw materials. Quanyou and Chuangxin Furniture also reached the intended cooperation with local dealers at the meeting.

Chognzhou has successfully promoted the "sharing win-win cooperation" model and furniture industry with over 10 billion Yuan production value each year. "In the future, we will organize more enterprises to go abroad and share the value of Chongzhou," said the person in charge of Chongzhou delegation.

Source: Chongzhou Business and Investment Promotion Bureau

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