CJ LiveCity to Break Ground for Korea’s No.1 Arena – the World’s First K-POP Dedicated Concert Hall, Creating a Landmark of the Cultural Content Industry
Oct 29, 2021

SEOUL, South Korea -- CJ LiveCity (CEO Harry H.K. Shin), a subsidiary of CJ ENM (KOSDAQ:035760), on 27th October, had a groundbreaking ceremony for its ‘CJ LiveCity Arena’, Korea’s first and largest-scale arena, dedicated to K-Pop. In the ceremony, the company announced its vision to develop the City into a ‘Live K-Content Experience Districts’ that offer the vivid experience of K-Content, becoming a global destination for the 100 million fans all around the world.

CJ LiveCity is to utilize Korea’s IP in various fields including music, films, TV series and entertainment shows, in order to bring about ‘Spatial experience of K-Content both online and offline’ that is first, best and different in the world, where one can enjoy Korea’s signature cultural content vividly. The City will locate content-experience facilities along with Music District. Global Content Business Town will situate cultural content companies and the landmark facilities. Retail shops, accommodation and waterfront gardens will be built alongside them.

Transcending time and space, audiences are guided to visit ‘Virtual LiveCity’ that displays the virtual space simultaneously with the reality through Metaverse for the first time in the world. Indeed, the City will open a new era of ‘Infinite Audience’. Unlike other Metaverse platforms, Virtual LiveCity is closely linked with the real world making the audience fully immersed. Here, the visitors will be able to interact and communicate with one another in real time, plus enjoy a content experience beyond time and space constraints. This will truly realize ‘real and virtual city for K-Content fans all around the world’.

The Arena Living Up To The K-Pop Reputation Is Finally Landing In Korea

‘CJ LiveCity Arena’, Korea’s first music-performance dedicated hall equipped with cutting-edge technologies, will expand the horizon of K-Pop performances as well as concerts of global top artists.

The Arena will be designed for mega-scale concerts with 20,000 indoor seats and 40,000 outdoor availability. With a cutting-edge stage system which takes only a day to set up and down for large-scale performance, concerts and events in various genres will run over 190 sessions a year. The Arena also boasts its dedicated rehearsal space, which helps maximize the quality of stage production and performance.

CJ LiveCity Arena will enjoy the benefits of collaborated work of global leading partners. With competencies in music, concert business gained from K-Pop events like MAMA and KCON, the Arena will be equipped with the most powerful live performance infrastructure in the world including stage facilities, sound and lighting systems. AEG, with its global experience in concert planning and operation as a top arena specialist in the world, will be in cooperation with CJ LiveCity for promoting concerts of foreign artists as well as operating the Arena.

CJ LiveCity and its Arena will open in 2024.

CJ LiveCity Communication Team
Kim Se Won, Head
Yoo Han Vit
Chung Yu Jin