Ctrip Partners with Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Launch of Einstein Exhibition in Shanghai
Aug 02, 2019

SHANGHAI, Aug. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Ctrip.com, Asia's largest online travel agency, partnered with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to bring the exhibition "Einstein - Life in Four Dimensions" to the World Expo Museum in Shanghai, marking the first time the internationally renowned exhibition has been displayed in China.

As a key partner of the event, Ctrip.com is delighted to provide support to the exhibition, and play a role in bringing the memory of Einstein to Shanghai, a city once visited by the globally renowned genius, and helping inspire the next generation to the humanitarian spirit of science.

Over several years in the lead-up to the event, Jane Sun, CEO of Ctrip.com played a key role in bringing the "Einstein - Life in Four Dimensions" exhibition to Shanghai. Many of the exhibits on display have been provided by the Einstein Archives at the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ), which Jane Sun saw for the first time during a visit to the University.

"When I saw these exhibits for the first time, I thought that they needed to be seen by more people. I wanted children in China to see these precious artefacts for themselves, to inspire them to pursue new heights in science," Ctrip CEO Jane Sun said.

With this aim in mind, Ms. Sun returned to China and initiated discussions to bring the exhibition to Shanghai. "Science knows no boundaries," she said. "It belongs to humankind. Einstein was also a promoter of global peace. These are both things that Ctrip firmly believes in. We hope that travel and science can bring people together, and make the world more united. We hope that through events like today's, the youth will be inspired by the humanitarian spirit of science that Einstein is representative of, and to do great things for the world."

Professor Hanoch Gutfreund, former Vice Chancellor and Emeritus Professor of Physics at HUJ, highlighted the appropriateness of Shanghai as the location of choice for the first Einstein exhibition in China, in light of Einstein's ties with the city. "It is symbolic that we begin the tour of this exhibition in Shanghai. Einstein visited Shanghai at the end of 1922, and again in 1923. From here, on his way to Palestine, he wrote his first article in his lifelong attempt to combine gravitation and electromagnetism into one theory."

Einstein only personally visited Shanghai twice, but wrote letters to intellectuals and public figures in China, many of which are on display in the exhibit. In the exhibit is also a section dedicated to correspondence between Einstein and Jews seeking refuge in Shanghai. During World War II, over 30,000 Jews fled to Shanghai, of whom most survived, and 16,000 settled in Shanghai. China was one of few countries at the time to offer humanitarian aid to Jewish refugees, something Einstein praised, said Professor Gutfreund. "He said that in China, there was no racial or religious discrimination."

During the conversation with Ctrip CEO Jane Sun at the exhibition, Professor Gutfreund also commended the role of companies like Ctrip in improving global ties, a value he says is central to science. "The League of Nations formed a committee of scientists to forge relations. Your company also has to build bridges between countries across the world, so you also have a role in that."

Einstein is a symbol of the universality of science, and a model for human curiosity, innovation, and global understanding. Ctrip is both a Shanghai-based technology company and an international travel agency. The application of technology to the bettering of humanity, and using travel as a force to spread peace are central to Ctrip's corporate values.

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