Deals and Coupons: New Way to Boost up the Sales of Your Business
May 25, 2019

Historically, people were unaware of the world but as the trade begins, the entire world became accessible. Today a person can trade anywhere, in any sector around the globe. This has benefitted numerous people to flourish and expand their trade worldwide. But Globalisation has its own unique features. It is the one which brought in the global competition. Now every company has to tackle this task of luring the customers. Providing various deals, coupons, and several other offers is a part of attracting customers toward them. Many e-commerce portals are offering deals on a transaction like PayTm Recharge Offers and other.

Coupons and deal offers are now becoming very popular and almost every company is providing it. Whether you are shopping online or by personally visiting a store, a customer is mostly attracted toward the one offering the best products with attractive offers and deals. There offers and deals have their own science. Offers and deal designers make the deals in a way so that the customer has to visit them again to avail that offer. Providing cash back offers and shopping coupons is one of them. When you offer customer cash back, he is attracted toward the deal unaware of the fact that this cash back can only be redeemed in that particular portal only. Similarly, when a company provides its customers with a shopping coupon, those attractive coupons will only work on those respective shops or portals only. This is a psychological strategy to lure the customer and to increase the footfall and hits on their shops and online portals respectively.

Every company has an extreme desire to expand their business and to gain huge profits. Only potential customers can fulfill this desire of shopping portals and e-commerce websites. The deals and couponing help in providing huge growth rate to the company. Several market research has shown that the shopping portal or an e-commerce website gets huge hits and traffic who are offering various deals and offers. Couponing is the key to profit. Couponing brings in new customers and happy customers become the available point of advertisement for the other new customers. This creates a huge customer base of that the very company. The huge customer base will result in huge profits. Another important point is the competition in the market. There are various online and e-commerce portals available for customers today. Online trade is gradually becoming popular among the old aged too and this will bring an all-new segment of customers. Now various companies are targeting this segment of the population. The aged have been marginalized from this online portals for a very long time but and everybody is possessing smartphones, customers are becoming smart too. They are performing their odd tasks online. Paying telephone, electricity, gas and water bills online by e-commerce portals and shopping for themselves or for gifting to their loved ones is becoming common. The aged people are very concerned about their money and most of them are scared of shopping online. They are potential customers. Offering deals and coupons relevant to them will lure them toward online trade and transactions.

Mobility of services is another important feature that is neglected by many online portals. India is growing but still, there is a number of people who do not have access to personal computers or laptops. But most of them own a mobile phone with internet connection in it. Cab provider companies like Ola and Uber have their dedicated mobile applications which help the customer in booking rides from anywhere. Online shopping and e-commerce portal like PayTm and Amazon to have their own mobile application which a customer can use to avail the services. In the absence of these, a customer will not be in a position to enjoy the services. Again, the selling of the product is pricing based. Deals and coupons act as a catalyst that increases its sales. But the deals and coupons must be relevant to the customers and not segment centric. A segment based coupons and deals can only be enjoyed by a limited number of people but a general deal is for all. Deals and offers are a way to reach to the customer and enhancing businesses and thus increasing profits.