Dubai to host the 1st Healthcare Future Summit
Aug 11, 2020

Dubai - United Arab Emirates, August 11, 2020: Dubai will host virtually the 1st edition of Healthcare Future Summit, a path-breaking conference dedicated to all medical professionals, Ministries of Health, government authorities, and academia. Running under the theme “Bringing Healthcare Communities Together”, the 1st edition of Healthcare Future Summit will be taking place from the 6th till the 8th of December, 2020, focusing on the increased demand and the significant social expectations in healthcare delivery due to the global pandemic that is threatening the whole world today.

This premium event is built on the foundation of 8 main pillars: patient safety, future of healthcare, innovation & technology, healthcare finance, big data, pharma in healthcare and wellness & medical tourism. These pillars will develop sustainable healthcare systems and help overcome the challenges these healthcare systems are facing.

The Healthcare Future Summit presents a rich comprehensive agenda which offers new insights on the latest updates related to safeguarding patients, the future of the healthcare system after Covid-19, the new path in the Pharma Industry, the remote support of patients and many other substantial topics. Around 500 participants are expected to attend the conference that will be hosting more than 45 reputed regional and international speakers.

Speaking about the key highlights of the 1st edition of the Healthcare future summit, Dr. Ramadan Alblooshi, CEO - DHCR & Head of the Scientific Committee of Healthcare Future Summit mentioned: “Patients are at the heart of our services. Their safety is our priority. We are bringing healthcare communities together to deliver the best care to our patients. We aim to position healthcare at the lead of the global industry by introducing innovative regulations and providing platforms to share the best practices and to assess demands. Being one of the healthcare regulators in the region, we have a deep sense of responsibility to serve the people and look into the future by elevating the healthcare standards”.

He added: “In line with Dubai Plan 2021, we share a unifying voice and continue to work closely with various authorities to help and execute a strong regulatory framework, which will build a more reliable healthcare industry in order to safeguard citizens, residents and visitors in the country. The well-founded infrastructure and the overwhelming government support make the UAE more equipped to compete with international standards and achieve high satisfaction in care delivery.”

He further said: “In this forum, we have gathered famous and renowned leaders in healthcare, world experts, and uncompromising economic specialists to share their best practices, innovations and advanced technologies.”

Commenting on hosting this summit, Eng. Anas Al Madani, Vice-Chairman and Group CEO of INDEX Holding said: "Thanks to our leaders’ wisdom and our unique healthcare system in the UAE, we could control the pandemic and maintain the highest level of safety and protection. However, the healthcare sector in the whole world has witnessed a remarkable development in the past few months due to this pandemic. Therefore, I am looking forward to the Healthcare Future Summit to discuss with experts the future of the healthcare system in the post-coronavirus phase, which has a crucial impact on every aspect of our lives.”

"This summit is going to be a leading platform that will shepherd intellect, innovation and collaboration between individuals in the public and private sectors from all over the globe, paving the way to a better future. In fact, the Healthcare Future Summit aims at educating all members of the healthcare sector in order to develop a sustainable Eco System that can better serve the community. It also focuses on providing a platform for innovation & entrepreneurship with relevance to the healthcare industry and stimulating growth of healthcare startups in the UAE.”

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