Ethereum-Based SNP Coins to Create a New Era of Distribution Industry by Fusing the Real Economy and Blockchain
May 13, 2019

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SNP (Stable and Profit) has been launched to link profitability to the real economy through transparent Ethereum-based virtual money transactions and return profits to investors.

SNP grafted smart contract functions of Ethereum onto distribution industry. It was developed to convert channels for the distribution of food ingredients from producers to consumers into a sustainable future business.

It discovers profitable businesses which can combine the real economy with blockchain (Ethereum smart contract functions) and manages their entire processes transparently until they make a profit.

SNP has applied for a patent on its service system which provides virtual currency based on crypto assets, nature-friendly green resources, the real economy, distribution, and trade. This is a system to combine crypto assets and the real economy to realize and distribute profits. It is a platform to optimize profits coming from the distribution and trade of agro-fishery and livestock products to ensure stable and fixed return on investment.

SNP has found investment in poultry farms profitable. Market prices of agricultural, marine and livestock products fluctuate as their supply quantities change depending on the time of year. Blockchain, if applied to these products, can adjust their production quantities, making it possible to respond flexibly to their market price fluctuation. Also, it will become possible to trace the origin of each livestock product and make it easier to manage its records.

“The goal of SNP is to innovate distribution networks by means of blockchain technology and maximize their profits,” SNP CEO Park Sung-kyu said, “We will create a safe investment link by specifying clear criteria for judgment on whether the investment meets safety which is its most important yardstick. We plan to return profits like stock dividends to investors who purchase SNP coins, and at the same time try to take full advantage of ICO and STO to offer fair and safe ways to make investments.”

SNP (Stable and Profit)
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