European Appetizers Aim to Be Trendy in Japan
May 14, 2019

Cantabrian Anchovies and White Tuna, Piparra de Ibarra (Ibarra Chillies) and Txakoli Wine will be promoted in Japan for 3 years under EU founded initiative CAPRICE.

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cantabrian Anchovies and White Tuna caught in Basque Country, Piparra de Ibarra with Eusko Label (Ibarra chillies) and Txakoli wine of the 3 Basque DO´s Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa are the high quality products that will be promoted in Japan for 3 years under European Union CAPRICE initiative.

Project´s first action will take place the 15th of May in 3x3 Lab Space, connecting 20 Basque producers with importers, distributors and hospitality professionals. Each of the producers will exhibit their products during the showroom hoping to meet the expectations of Japanese traders and users.

In order to understand the characteristics, origins and versatility of the previous mentioned products, the session will be followed and supported with interactive and formative workshops.

Sommelier Koro Santos and Chef Angel Fernandez de Retana, both teachers at Basque Culinary Center, will impart the Txakoli wine tasting and exceptional masterclass to local chefs and professionals based on appetizer experience.

To encourage and improve the links emerged during the showroom, participants will be invited to a business dinner the 16th of may in Eneko Tokyo restaurant, where CAPRICE appetizers would be served and paired with a selection of Txakoli wines.

About CAPRICE initiative
The aim of the project is to support and drive European agro-alimentary industry towards new markets, under the campaign “Enjoy, it’s from Europe”. For 3 years Japan would be the spotlight of this European Founded program, welcoming the following activities, in 2019: Product exhibition and business dinner –Tokyo, May; Reverse Mission – Visit the Basque Country, July - Recite Book with CAPRICE products and pairing.

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