FPSO Design & Technology 2013 Successfully Held in Dalian
Dec 03, 2013

FPSO Design & Technology 2013 (FPSO 2013) was held in Dalian on Nov 28-29. Around 200 senior managers and experts coming from well-known enterprises such as: Douglas Westwood、SBM Offshore Malaysia、MCS Kenny Inc、 Larsen & Toubro Limited、EMAS Offshore、 Lloyds Register Asia、CNOOC、Marine Design and Research Institute of China, and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.(DSIC)etc gathered here to discuss and exchange views on China FPSO operation as well as the requirements and challenges for its future development.

FPSO 2013 was organized by BMC-China Exhibition, co-organized by CNOOC and supported by CANSI and DSIC, aiming to collect wisdom for the flourishing of FPSO through fully communication among the delegates to exchange views on technical issues, share industry information and discuss management mode.

In recent years, thanks to the technological revolution and growing interest in exploring remote offshore reserves. FPSO, which provides greater efficiency and cost effectiveness in production, storage and transport of hydrocarbons, is now an indispensable part of the offshore oil and gas industry. FPSO technology is playing a pivotal role in meeting the high demand for fossil fuel in frontier offshore locations.

Experts in the conference have brought the domestic and overseas frontier dynamic of FPSO information, the assets management, and the latest technical and designing achievements of its built and re-built. Jason Waldie, associate director of Douglas Westwood shared the most cost effective solution to develop offshore hydrocarbons across of the world energy frontiers and made selective analysis on the operation of FPSO project. Zhao Gengxian, China Ship Design Master, discussed the operation issues that FPSO faced on Chinese water, made case analysis to show design defects may lead to potential risks in operation process, and its corresponding engineering and design improvement measures. Zhang Zhenxiang, vice general manager of CNOOC Energy Technology & Service-Oil Production Service Co. Shenzhen Branch analyzed challenges of FPSO’s operation and management in South China Sea. Liu Tao, overseas market manager of CNOOC Energy Technology & Service-Oil Production Service company elaborated on FPSO operation status that market demand of the FLNG suitable for deep gas development will have substantial increase gradually, no matter for the large scale FPSO or FLNG, the investment scale will be larger than that of the traditional FPSO projects, which may possibly lead to operation strategy adjustment or competitive landscape changes of FPSO suppliers. In addition, scholars also agreed on fatigue analysis of FPSO special structure which offered a comprehensive understanding and cognition of the forefront information in the related field.

At the same time, experts and scholars from overseas made the intensive and in-depth exchanges on FLNG development situation. William Kinney, vice president of floating systems, drilling &wells of MCS Kenny Inc explained that FLNG changed the landscape of offshore gas production and processing and made offshore gas production more flexible, whose advantage providing itself broad market prospect. Peter Campbell, offshore technical manager from Lloyds Register Asia. analyzed on the opportunities and challenges of FLNG, and pointed out the high risk of FLNG and emphasized importance of its safe design.

During the two-day conference, delegates interacted and communicated in various forms, and discussed on related issues. For the future development and challenge of China’s FPSO, the chairman Luo Yong, professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, pointed out that China’s FPSO industry is in a rapid rise, and there are plant of things to do before Chinese FPSO technology can stand out and go abroad, such as promoting technical abilities, and integrating with international companies etc. Moreover, we need to bring in soft-strength resources and introduce amount of technical talents on the basis of current technical facilities to fulfill the overall contract of FPSO business.

The visit to China’s top FPSO fabricator Dalian Shipbuilding Industry offshore (DSIC) not only deepened delegates’ communication, but also set a cooperation and communication platform pushing the industry development. Most participants said they would follow FPSO 2014 next year.

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