Give2Asia and partners launch Myriad, a new alliance for borderless giving to more than 100 countries and territories
Oct 07, 2021

Donors across four continents can now support charities in more than 100 countries with standardized services and fees—and in many cases, local tax benefits.

Today Give2Asia is pleased to announce the launch of Myriad, a new philanthropic alliance to facilitate and encourage charitable giving across borders.

Member organizations of the Myriad alliance aim to solve the significant logistical and compliance barriers donors face when supporting overseas charities. The alliance will also enable charities to raise funds from their international donors in more locations. For example, a nonprofit in India could establish Friends Funds to accept tax-deductible gifts from donors in the United States and Belgium.

To accomplish this goal, donors can access standardized service offerings and fees regardless of their location—as well as a single point of contact for donations to any region served by the alliance. Over time, members of the Myriad alliance seek to expand the footprint of its membership to enable tax-advantaged giving from new locations.

“People around the world are increasingly looking for good things to do with their money,” said Birger Stamperdahl, President and CEO at Give2Asia. “And the best way to help is often to send that money abroad. Through this alliance, our goal is to unlock the potential of charitable giving from anywhere, to anywhere.”

A donor-advised fund, set up with Give2Asia or with its affiliates in Australia or Hong Kong SAR PRC, will now let individuals, corporations, and corporate foundations channel grants to charities not only in the Asia-Pacific region, but also across Europe and Africa. Such funds can also handle legacy bequests to communities overseas or art donations to foreign museums.

“Moving money around the world gets easier every day…until you try giving it to charity,” explained Luc Tayart De Borms, Managing Director at the Brussels-based King Baudouin Foundation (KBF). “We want to make it effortless for donors to support good causes anywhere in the world, not just in their own backyard.”

Corporate donors can leverage Myriad’s trusted network of local experts through the Corporate Plus service—which offers additional value-added services such as nonprofit partner identification and landscape research—to enhance their strategic grantmaking across the globe. Disaster Response Funds enable corporations to respond quickly and engage employees in multiple locations when disasters affect communities overseas.

The alliance also makes it simpler for charities to raise funds directly from international donors. In addition to receiving tax-deductible gifts through Give2Asia’s network in the US, Hong Kong SAR PRC, and Australia, they can now open Friends Funds across Europe.

“Thanks to the Myriad alliance, we’ve received donations from the US, Canada, and Belgium for our charitable projects in India,” said Vanessa D’Souza, CEO of SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action), a nonprofit based in Mumbai, India. “The potential reach is tremendous.”

Myriad lets donors access standardized service offerings and fees regardless of their location—as well as a single point of contact for donations to any region served by the alliance. The alliance is the latest phase of a long-standing partnership between Give2Asia and its partners.

The founding members of Myriad include:

  • The King Baudouin Foundation: a Brussels-based public benefit foundation serving donors in Belgium and Europe
  • Give2Asia: an SF Bay Area 501(c)(3) connecting American donors with charities in the Asia-Pacific region
  • KBFUS: a New York-based 501(c)(3) facilitating thoughtful, effective giving to Europe and Africa
  • Give2Asia Australia: a Melbourne-based Deductible Gift Recipient funding overseas poverty alleviation projects
  • KBF Canada: a Montreál-based charitable organization enabling and implementing charitable projects
  • Give2Asia Foundation Ltd.: a Section 88 tax exempt organization facilitating overseas giving from Hong Kong SAR PRC

    To learn more about the Myriad alliance, visit or contact Give2Asia.