Goldpac:Maximize Customers' Value with Innovative Technologies Goldpac Honored Again with Four ICMA Elan Awards
Apr 29, 2019

It's time for 2019 ICMA Elan Awards, which is the most prestigious reputation in the international payment card industry. Upholding the vision of technologies-oriented innovation, Goldpac drew up the future blueprint for secure smart payment industry and were honored with four finalist awards of ICMA Elan, including Best Secure Payment Card, Best Personalization & Fulfillment (P&F) Product, and Unique Innovation.

Best Secure Payment Card of 2019 ICMA
Goldpac's aviation visa card for BOC in Hong Kong stood out among a number of candidates and was shortlisted for the award of Best Secure Payment Card. A window of the aircraft is designed by using transparent material and fresnel lens technology on the card surface, as if you are sitting on the plane and overlooking the beautiful scenery outside.

Unique Innovation of 2019 ICMA
Goldpac was shortlisted for the award of Unique Innovation by the CMBC Chinoiserie Credit Card-Bead Side, which blended the technologies of wood grain, fresnel lens and matting metal sticker. With its unique texture, the card highlights the exquisite and the charm of the picture.

Best Personalization & Fulfillment (P&F) Product of 2019 ICMA
2018 Gold Foil Special Edition MSR Card Set for Starbucks and 2018 Christmas Die Cut SR Kit Set for Starbucks were re-selected as the finalist for the 2019 ICMA Best Personalization & Fulfillment (P&F) Product. In which, for the 2018 Gold Foil Special Edition, the 0.12 micron thick gold foil is compacted onto the surface through the traditional Chinese handicraft art. The contrast between black and gold shows the atmosphere and value, and also makes you more aware of the charm of Chinese intangible cultural traditional craftsmanship.

ICMA Elan Awards is the most recognized accolade in the global industry and has the charter of recognizing the world's highest levels of payment card design and technical innovation. Goldpac has been honored with ICMA Elam Awards for many years, which fully reflects the influence of Goldpac on the global smart security payment market, and also shows the firm determination of Goldpac to maximize customers' value with innovative technology.

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