Goldpac, Winner of Seven 2017 ICMA Elan Awards
Apr 18, 2017

The world's fourth largest and China's top ranked payment solutions provider Goldpac Group Limited ("Goldpac" or the "Group", stock code: 03315) was decorated with seven ICMA Elan Awards at the annual ICMA Expo. Goldpac has collected a total of 27 Elan Awards since 2003 and remains the only company in Asia to be honored with this accolade.

Each year, the prestigious ICMA Elan Awards casts a spotlight on the best of the best in the global card industry, honoring world-class achievements in both card design and technological innovation. Widely acknowledged as the most recognized award platform, the Elan Award is the Oscar's equivalent for card development excellence. This year, Goldpac was honored for awards in five categories out of a total of seven. The Elan Awards recognition celebrates Goldpac's commitment to design quality and technical advances that drive the future of the global card industry, and is a testament to Goldpac's technology leadership and ability to innovate.

Mr. HOU Ping, CEO of Goldpac says "As the global leader in smart payment total solutions, Goldpac extends its sincere appreciation to its loyal customers for their continued support and trust. Goldpac is fully confident in leveraging the innovations in FinTech to assist its customers in abating the homogeneity of competition, and to enhance the added value and strength of their brand. Additionally, Goldpac will also help banks to capture the higher-end of the market and to meet the diversified demands of their end-users. In the future, adhering to the key philosophy of "creating more value for its customers", Goldpac will focus on meeting its customers' demand and will work to improve the customer experience. This in turn, will accelerate innovations in technology, products and operations and deliver bespoke, secure and easy to use payment products and services to maximize our customers' differentiated competiveness.

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