Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2017 introduces keynotes by prominent speakers on the future of lighting
May 18, 2017

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) is renowned in the industry as not only an effective marketplace to develop business internationally but also an event with dynamic activities to discover the latest trends and market information for lighting. Continuing this tradition, GILE, held from 9 – 12 June, will once again feature an all-encompassing concurrent events programme to push the boundaries of the lighting industry and unveil the next industry breakthrough.

Technology is rapidly advancing the development of lighting. The industry has developed a myriad of intelligent solutions to fit this age of connectivity and digitalisation. These innovations are reflected in market trends and drive growth in the networked security, intelligent building and smart home sectors. Four keynote sessions led by the following speakers will address the common theme of “Internet of Lights”:

* Dr Wu Chou, IEEE Fellow, CTO of Gateway and Enterprise Network, Huawei Network Product Line, Huawei Technologies 
Topic: IoT Connected Street Lighting for Smart City

* Mr Sunny Shen, Head of Marketing, Philips Lighting (China)
Topic: The Internet of Lights and Smart City Development

* Mr XiaoMing Qi, Chief Technical Officer, Opple Lighting
Topic: A Glance at the Future Smart Lighting Development

* Mr Chris Johnston, Regional Sales Manager – Asia Pacific, Telensa Ltd
Topic: The Convergence of IoT with Smart Street Lighting

The Convergent Future Forum highlights topics on Internet of Lights and media architecture The Convergent Future Forum, to be held opposite of Hall 4.1 in Area A along the Pearl Promenade, strives to address the essential technologies and applications for intelligent lightings. Topics that will be covered include wireless mesh networks, IoT platforms, LiFi technology, big data, smart dimming & control, smart city, smart home and smart commercial buildings. Some of the prominent speakers include:

* Mr Manson Song, General Manager, Trusted Link Technology Limited
Topic: Qualcomm BLEMesh: Great User Experience of Smart Lighting

* Ms Sammy Lei, CEO, Xlink IoT Platform
Topic: Integration of Xlink IoT Platform with Lighting Industry

* Mr Deepak Solanki, Co-Founder & CEO, Velmenni
Topic: Li-Fi – The Union of Light & Technology

* Mr Mengming Yao, Head of Design, Philips Lighting (China)
Topic: Smart City: The Integration of Light and Internet

* Mr Magic Tong, Supervisor and Project Manager, Lighting DEKRA
Topic: Cyber Security for Smart Lighting

* Kelvin Kwong, Product Marketing Manager, GRE Alpha Electronics Ltd
Topic: Importance of Dimming Performance in Smart Lighting

* Webster Chu, Specifier Service & Application Support Manager – Asia Pacific, Xicato Inc
Topic: Application of Smart Lighting & Case Study

* Ms Nikita Junagade, Communication Manager, LUCI Association
Topic: Smart Lighting for Smart Cities

* Dr Feng Huang, Philips Lighting (China) Investment Co Ltd
Topic: IoT Lighting Lights up Smart Cities

* Mr. Tjaco Middel, Head of R&D, Asia Pacific, Tridonic China
Topic: Lighting in the Internet of Things

* Wi-Fi Forum, Organised by the Wi-Fi Alliance in China
Topics focus on cross industries collaboration for smart home solutions and the challenges ahead

Aside from exploring the intersection of LED and IoT, the forum will also delve into the unification of lighting and digital art. Here, they will unveil the interactive nature of the newest forms of media facade and how it redefines our public areas. Invited speakers for this forum include:

* Dr M Hank Haeusler, Director, Media Architecture Institute
Topic: Bringing Computational Design into Media Architecture – Research to Enable Architecture in the Second Machine Age

* Ms Florence Lam, Director, Ove Arup & Partners Ltd
Topic: Luminous Facades

* Mr Steve Lau, Deputy Head of Institute of Intelligent Lighting, Yong Dian Illumination
Topic: Application of Interactive Control System in Landscape Lighting

The THINKLIGHT Forum focuses on concept and emotion of lighting

The THINKLIGHT Forum, to be held opposite of Hall 2.1 in Area A along the Pearl Promenade, will discuss the concepts and emotional aspects of light. Subtopics addressed in this forum will include quality of light, embedded lighting, human centric lighting and new concepts in light applications. Some of the speakers include:

* Mr Herbert Hans Cybulska, Lighting Designer, Cybulska + Partners Lighting Solutions
Topic: Lighting Design with New LED technology
* Ms Adele Locke, Director, Mint Lighting Design
Topic: Light Quality and Emotive Influence at Home
* Mr Brad Koerner, Creative Director, Philips Lighting
Topic: Embedded Lighting – the Future of Integrating Lighting into Architectural Systems
* Mr Dewitt Chik, Founder, Witt Design Network
Topic: Innovative Applications & Low Carbon Opportunity via Embedded Lighting Design
* Prof Toyoki Kozai, President, Japan Plant Factory Association
Topic: Smart LED Lighting and Environment Control for Plant Factory
* Mr Martin Klaasen, Director, Klaasen Lighting Design
Topic: The Human Side of Light and Lighting Design - We don't design for lux meters

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