Health-Related Blockchain Leader MEDIKEY Goes Public on Bit-Z, Only a Month After It Was Listed on DIGIFINEX
May 02, 2019

May 02, 2019 03:09 PM Hong Kong Time - SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MEDIKEY, a platform that integrates health information into blockchain technology, announced that it went public on Bit-Z, the top 10 percent of cryptocurrency exchange.

Before the listing, MEDIKEY was also listed on one of the world's top five cryptocurrency exchanges, DigiFinex, on 26th March.

MEDIKEY tokens have begun trading at 3pm (UTC/GMT+08:00) on 25th April.

MEDIKEY is a system that allows users to acquire coins as a reward for accomplished mission through DAPP, not by mining, and to use them. Participants can provide their workout and health information to gain coins which can be exchanged for cash at exchanges or used to pay for hospital expenses, healthcare products, and medicines. Additional rewards will be given to users who share their health information on social media.

MEDIKEY is receiving spotlight alongside a payment system BSYS in China and Vietnam. Its listing on Bit-Z would push the ecosystem of MEDIKEY and BSYS into the global market.

“Apart from going public, MEDIKEY is launching blockchain GYM and a blockchain medical examination center to accomplish its original mission, which is to establish a convenient payment network and to integrate health information into blockchain,” said an official at MEDIKEY. “We are building blockchain ecosystem through partnerships with various industries worldwide.”

For more information, please visit MEDIKEY website

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