Homestay quarantine spurs online education, marketing’s golden period
China Knowledge Online
Feb 23, 2020

Feb 20, 2020 (China Knowledge) - Affected by the epidemic outbreak, primary and secondary schools in Shanghai are closed for the longest period to restrict students’ physical contact in schools, and during their travelling. This unprecedented homestay quarantine which is expected to last for about three months, not only affect the normal course of education but school term’s examination and year’s graduation.

Supposedly to be back to school after the Lunar New Year’s public holidays on Feb 3, the government’s imposition of homestay quarantine has extended twice, and each time in accordance to risk assessment of the coronavirus’ spread.

To reduce time-loss and continue the education and teaching with the students, schools and educators have resorted to adopting online teaching. Supplementary and tuition classes increased along with online education, and many other online courses surfaced to meet demand due to long period of quarantine homestay.

Investment opportunities in this industry segment can be seem on the stock markets where ‘online education-concept’ stocks. The overall price performance among such 80 stocks was up 10.21% when stock market opened on early February.

While there are large number of teachers and students across the country are close, most have shifted or forced to switch to online class. This leads to more and more users the opportunity to experience the efficiency and convenience of online education, which will undoubtedly contribute to the enrichment and improvement of products and service models of online education providers.

As a whole, educational resources are not evenly distributed in China, with the popularization of this long period of online learning, such mode of education will have a profound impact on the development of online education in the near future.

It is important to note that online education will not achieve explosive growth in the immediate terms, but this long homestay of several months is the ‘golden period’ for the educators to promote and market their online courses, use and features that improvise teaching.

Ultimately, to win market share, the essence of education is still about service. Stocks related to online education may be soaring, but whether the customers will continue to use the online platform counts on the professionalism and quality contents, and supportive technology that fulfill users’ experience.

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