How to Communicate with Your Family When You Move Abroad
Apr 24, 2018

There may be a time in your life when you make the leap to move to a new country, which can mean that you are leaving your family behind. This can make communicating with them a difficult task, especially if you are moving to a place where time zones differ a lot from where your family are based, which can, in turn, make you feel lonely, and make your family feel as though they are out of the loop. However, all hope is not lost. Thanks to the ease at which people can travel and communicate in the modern world, there are numerous ways in which you can communicate effectively with your family after you have moved away.

Call them regularly

The key to maintaining a healthy family relationship is to make sure you check in with your family on a regular basis. Yet this can sometimes cost a lot when you are making international calls. This is where services like Viber are the best way of you staying in contact over the phone, as you can pay as little as home rates when you sign up for a plan. For example, Viber rates for the Mexico won’t impact your balance as much as you might think.

Make use of social media

As social media grows, people are beginning to see how quickly you can send and receive messages from all over the world. Not only this, but updating people becomes easier when you can make a group chat to post messages and images on, and when you can tailor your preferences over who can see what you are posting on your profile.

Send care packages

There may be times when a loved one is struggling at home, and when you won’t be able to comfort them in their time of need. When this happens, it is a great idea to send a care package using airmail, which will be filled with some of their favorite items. These will act like a hug from across the world, and is a small expense to keep up within the long term. If you can’t afford the postage fees, you can always send a subscription box straight to their door to help them through a tough time.

Invite them to see you

Sometimes, it is easy to feel out of the loop when a loved one has moved away, which is how some of your family may be feeling. In this case, you should consider inviting them to see you in your new life, where they can immerse themselves into your company for a short while. To do this, follow some easy saving plans, which will make it easier to fly them over.

Write a blog

Although social media is a good place to post updates and pictures, your family may feel as though they are not getting the full picture. You can solve this issue by writing a blog often, which details the activities you have gotten up to, and any funny stories that your family will appreciate reading about.

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