IoT innovations shine at 2017 Taiwan Excellence Awards
Dec 30, 2017

The 26th Taiwan Excellence Awards was held on Dec. 5 in Taipei, with half of the awards going to innovations related to the Internet of Things.

Held every year, the Taiwan Excellence Awards honor the achievements of successful and innovative Taiwanese companies. A total of 10 gold awards and 10 silver awards were given out this year.

In recent years, the Taiwan government has been trying to encourage the nation's economic development and growth by promoting the 5 areas of: software and online innovation, biomedicine, green energy, smart machinery, and national defense.

The awards this year reflected the advances made by Taiwanese companies in pursuing these areas, with 77 percent of companies representing one or more of the 5 fields.

Winners representing smart machinery accounted for 15 percent of winners, while stand out products in biomedicine accounted for 8 percent of award recipients.

Additionally, in terms of the number of companies entered for consideration this year, the number developing products related to green technology and sustainable energy jumped 177 percent compared to the previous year.

Source: Taiwan News
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