JD.com to introduce Sky Eye that employs Beidou Satellite
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Jul 26, 2017

Jul 27, 2017 (China Knowledge) – JD.com (JD), China's second largest e-commerce platform, is employing China's largest Beidou Satetllite System Positioning (BDS) to stay ahead in the modernized logistics industry. JD is already ahead of its competitors in the unmanned transportation technologies and company-wide AI application, and it is now the BDS's largest customer.

BDS is China’s domestically developed global positioning technology. It has been recognized by the ICG as one of the global leading providers along with USA’s GPS, Russia’s GLONASS, and the EU’s GALILEO. BDS combined sensing, automation, geolocation, data processing, and highest level intelligence technologies to build China’s secure informational infrastructure. It has become an integral engine for the development of China’s information, communication and internet technology.

With only five years JD.com has also become China’s largest BDS application distribution enterprise, providing the system to thousands of vehicles where it is largest installer of most BDS systems in the country. Over 20,000 JD deliverymen are also equipped with the BDS system on their smart-wristbands. More 60,000 JD deliverymen are expected to have the system equipped and wore by the end of this year.

JD combined the advantages of the BDS system and its large-scale logistical database, ensuring safe driving through real-time monitoring of vehicles’ speeds and routes. At the same time, the in-depth analysis runs concurrently with geolocation data to determine ideal warehouse locations, service stops, and delivery routes. Its logistic operations will see improved efficiency, lowered costs, and enhanced package tracking capabilities for both consumers and vendors. The powerful BDS navigation technology is capable of gathering location information every 30 seconds and uploads data every 2 minutes. Consumers can track their package location any time.

The company has also constructed the OBD smart-vehicle management system utilizing the BDS. Vehicles, drivers, drivers’ ratings, among other data form the multiple reporting system based on smart-data systems. Information gathered include real-time driving speed, fuel consumption, distance, parking location and other useful data. Such information could scientifically improve driving safety, cost reduction, and efficiency; as a result, maximizing the use of resources and minimizing vehicle emissions.

As China’s largest self-managed online retailer, it’s the first to apply BDS on a vast scale. This not only confirm JD’s commitment to innovation, but also showcases JD’s technological capabilities and BDS’s practicality and wide business applications.

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