Juwai IQI, Southeast Asia's Largest Proptech Group, Expands into Singapore Via Partnership with OrangeTee & Tie, Growing Agent Network to 15,000
Aug 29, 2020

Singapore’s third-largest real estate company, with more than 4,300 agents, OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd (“OTT”), has entered into a strategic partnership with Juwai IQI, Southeast Asia’s largest proptech group and operator of real estate super-brands, Juwai and IQI Global. By joining forces, Juwai IQI and OTT will open up new opportunities for their combined force of more than 15,000 property agents across Asia, Australia, Canada and the Middle East to better serve buyers, sellers and developers.

Juwai IQI’s operations currently comprise Juwai.com, China’s largest online marketplace for overseas properties; Juwai.asia, the sole global property portal for Asia-based buyers and IQI Global, owner of Southeast Asia’s largest real estate network even prior to the partnership.

OTT is currently marketing more than 70 developer projects in Singapore. The tie-up with Juwai IQI will provide Singapore developers with a single, end-to-end solution for marketing and selling their new homes to buyers locally and around the world. The combined network will also ensure that Singaporean buyers of overseas properties have access to more than 2.8 million property listings in 91 countries, as well as dedicated after-sales service by local agents in the countries of investment.

With the COVID-19 pandemic having accelerated the industry’s rate of technological change, another key benefit of the partnership is the opportunity to combine both companies’ technological infrastructure to better support the combined network of agents and clients.

Steven Tan, Managing Director of OTT, said, “At the heart of our culture is collaboration and innovation and we are delighted that Juwai IQI shares the same values and prioritises the use of technology to leverage growth and improve client service. Both are technology companies as much as real estate companies. Integrating our platforms and working jointly to build new capabilities will increase delivery speed and allow new features to be rolled out at a faster pace. The fact that Juwai IQI is the leading player in real estate technology is icing on the cake for us.

“OTT’s position as a strategic partner of Juwai IQI will serve to connect overseas-based property buyers with Singapore’s real estate offerings and vice versa.”

Daniel Ho, Group Managing Director of IQI Global, said, “We are tremendously pleased to welcome the OrangeTee & Tie team to Juwai IQI. Steven Tan is one of the stars of Singapore’s real estate industry.

“This tie-up will allow our agents to help Singapore-based buyers purchase real estate in any of the 91 countries from which we market property. On the other hand, the expansion also makes it easier for us to help investors from other countries who want to own real estate in Singapore, which is one of the most popular destination markets in the region.

“Now with our combined force of more than 15,000 agents, we can look forward to many joint-collaborations to empower agents to better assist their buyers in landing their dream property, locally and globally.”

Kashif Ansari, IQI Global Group CEO, said, “We are pleased to announce that IQI is now in Singapore. Buyers from China, Malaysia, India and South East Asia are leading investors in Singapore, and we have a very strong presence and network in each of these locations. Together, we will be able to cater to buyers investing in Singapore as well as take Singapore to the world.”

Juwai IQI Executive Chairman Georg Chmiel said, “With Steven Tan and everyone at OrangeTee & Tie, our IQI agent network has the benefit of one of Singapore’s very best teams.

“One key to success during the pandemic has been the rapid adoption of new technology. We have deployed technologies that improve agent productivity, enable remote property marketing and relationship building and give developers an end-to-end solution in advertising and selling their listings. We are now well positioned to help both buyers and developers in Singapore to discover new markets, just like we already do across Asia.”

About OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd
Founded in February 2000, OrangeTee has firmly established itself as one of the most reputable, dynamic and fast-growing real estate companies in Singapore over the past two decades.

In 2017, the associate agencies of OrangeTee and Edmund Tie & Company merged to form OrangeTee & Tie. Today, OrangeTee & Tie has more than 4,300 property agents, making it the third-largest real estate agency in Singapore. The company remains at the forefront of technology and innovation within the property industry, as a champion for transparent and ethical advisory practices, while committed to building a sustainable business by building a sustainable world.

OrangeTee & Tie transacted more than 35,000 units of properties and sold more than US$5.5 billion of property in 2019. It is the first company in Singapore to introduce an agents’ review platform for customers to make informed decisions. Visit the Company’s website for more information.

About Juwai IQI
Juwai IQI is the holding company that operates the Asian real estate super-brands dedicated to empowering residents of Asia to become residents of the world: IQI and Juwai. IQI is the No. 1 real estate network in Southeast Asia and the Middle East and sold US$1 billion of property in 2019. IQI has more than 15,000 salespeople and associates across 15 countries. Juwai operates Juwai.com, the No. 1 Chinese marketplace for overseas property, as well as Juwai.asia, the first global portal for Asian buyers outside of mainland China. Juwai advertises US$4 trillion of property from 91 countries every year. Visit http://juwaiiqiglobal.com for more information and follow Juwai IQI on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.