Kindai University to Hold "Kindai EXPO in Taiwan" to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Student Exchanges between Kindai and Taiwan
Dec 06, 2018

HIGASHIOSAKA, Japan, Dec. 6, 2018 -- Kindai University, based in Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, will hold "Kindai EXPO in Taiwan" at the Taipei International Convention Center on Dec. 21 (Friday), 2018, as an event to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of its student exchanges with Taiwan and deepen friendly relations further through exchanges with Taiwan's universities and companies.

Key points of the project

- Kindai University to hold an event in Taipei to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of its exchanges with Taiwan.
- It will showcase Kindai's latest research at a business forum and a workshop on research seeds.
- It will provide an opportunity for young people interested in Japan to deepen their understanding of Kindai by setting up a counseling booth for foreign students and introducing school clubs.

Overview of the project

Kindai University will hold an event aimed at further deepening friendly relations through exchanges with Taiwan's universities and companies in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Kindai starting exchanges with Taiwan. Kindai started exchanging with Taiwan through its Correspondence Division in 1968. Even though diplomatic relations between Japan and Taiwan were severed in 1972, Kindai has been building close relations with Taiwan by resuming accepting students in 1973 and providing schooling on the sea in Taiwan, among other efforts. Kindai has continued to exchange with Taiwan and accepted 1,680 students from the island so far as it concluded agreements with Taiwan's universities and so forth in recent years.

On the day of the event, a total of 300 people, including graduates, enrolled students and staff from Japan, Mainland China and the U.S., will converge in Taiwan to pump up the event. Apart from a filleting display and tasting of "Kindai Tuna," the bluefin tuna that Kindai has successfully farm-raised for the first time in the world, there will be must-attend programs for businesspeople such as a speech by Kindai University General Affairs Director Ishihiro Seko, known for his book titled "Shingekiteki Daigaku (Aggressive University), and a workshop on research seeds. Among other programs are e-sports competitions involving Naoki Sugimura, a Kindai student who represented Japan in sports video game "Winning Eleven 2018" and won the gold medal at the Asian Games, as well as a counseling booth for foreign students and a program for introducing school clubs. Furthermore, "KINDAI GIRLS," a performance unit for Kindai's entrance ceremony produced by Tsunku, a former producer for all-girl group Morning Musume, will put on spectacular performances. There will be plenty of other programs, including a booth for Japanese cuisine and a raffle draw.

- Date: Dec. 21 (Fri.), 2018
- Place: Taipei International Convention Center (Exit 1 at Taipei 101-World Trade Center)
- People who can attend: General public, high school/university students, Kindai University graduates (free admission)
- How to apply: Applications can be filed through the website

Please make advance notice and cover the event on the day. If covering the event, please notify Public Relations Office in advance.

Main programs

- Opening ceremony
KINDAI GIRLS' performances and others

- Business forum
-- "Shingekiteki Daigaku" (Aggressive University) by Kindai University General Affairs Director Ishihiro Seko
-- "e-sports competitions" by 4th-year Kindai University students and Naoki Sugimura
-- "History of Kindai Tuna" by Shukei Masuma at Kindai University Fisheries Laboratory

- Entertainment
-- "Kindai Tuna" filleting display
14:30: Hand-rolling of tuna sushi starts
-- Manzai performance by "Manzai Bonbon" from Yoshimoto Kogyo
-- Performance by world latte art champion Hiroshi Sawada (1992 graduate from Kindai University)
-- Talk show by former Taiwanese baseball player Lin Wei-Chu (2003 graduate from Kindai University)
-- Performances by clubs (karate, tea ceremony, brass band and cheering)
-- Booth for Japanese cuisine ("okonomiyaki" or hot plate-cooked pancake, "udon" noodles, etc.)

- Raffle draw

-- Prizes include an observation tour of Kindai University campus and goods related to the university.
The campus tour is for two days and limited to 3 persons.
It will come with a meal at Kindai University Fisheries Laboratory, a restaurant where one can eat "Kindai Tuna."

- Workshop on research seeds.
Kindai University's latest research to be announced. There will be an exhibition booth for industry-academia collaboration products.

- Road to Kindai University
Introduction of the university, information session on entrance examinations, and counseling service

Source: Kindai University