Laos and India Partner Up to Handle Shipments for the Houay Kapheu Hydro Power Plant
Oct 19, 2018

Bolloré Logistics Laos recently partnered with Bolloré Logistics India to handle the transportation and delivery of all electro-mechanical plant and equipment of Andritz Compact Hydro to be used on site at the Houay Kapheu Hydro Power Plant. The operations were completed in mid-September of 2018.

With a capacity of 5 MW, the headworks of the Houay Kapheu Hydro Power Plant are located in Houay Kapheu river, being a 1st branch river of Sedon river, belonging to Xiengmai village, Lao Ngam district of Saravane province - South of Laos.

The cargo delivered - transported in various specific 20’ and 40’ containers from Ex Works India - included a crane, an horizontal shaft, a generator, a cylindrical pole, and a structure for the switch yard for a total weight of approximately 155 Tons – all shipped on a door-to-door basis.

Delivering under close escort to remote sites during the heavy rain period meant poor road conditions and sensitive light capacity bridge cross-overs; all which were managed successfully by the Bolloré Logistics teams that could count on their experience in such challenging situations.

The strength of Bolloré Logistics’ network, combined with custom-made service from an experienced and enthusiastic workforce, is the key to Bolloré Logistics Laos’ current success and future development.

About Bolloré Logistics Laos
Established in mid-1998, Bolloré Logistics Laos was the first and sole foreign freight forwarder (100% foreigner investor) able to provide a door-to-door service from/to Laos with its own network.

- In 2002, Bolloré Logistics Laos in Savannakhet handled the requirements of the SEPON Gold and Copper mining project.
- In 2005, Bolloré Logistics Laos in Thakhek met the needs of a famous hydroelectric project (NT2).
- In 2008, Bolloré Logistics Laos in Savannakhet successfully performed all imports and exports of SALAMANDER’s first Oil & Gas project in Laos (first the seismic campaign, followed a year later by the drilling campaign).


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