Markets, Table Games and Music Energize Guling Book Street and Nanhai Academy in South Taipei in Spring
Apr 11, 2019

TAIPEI - 2019.4.11 --( ASIA TODAY )-- To revitalize local blocks during spring break in Taipei, General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) organized an outdoor fair on Guling Street with indie publishers, specialized bookstores, and table games. Along with South Taipei Melodies and Fountain Bar cocktails, everyone could enjoy a relaxing day on this street full of second-hand books. Spring So Good Market in Nanhai Academy offered green consumption, animal conservation campaign and hands-on handcraft experiences in the city. Outdoor musicals and Starlight Cinema also connected visitors with markets and events in South Taipei and Central Taipei to create best springtime memories on Children’s Day 2019.

Book Fair on Guling Street Along with Major Outdoor Table Games

During this long weekend, Guling Street with many second-hand books was the best place to wander in Taipei. Spring Book Bazaar 2019 included various components, such as libraries, bookstores, indie publishers, stationary, printing, table games, and music. Indie publications intertwined with local heritage to regenerate cultural flavors on this book street. Based on Fountain Magazine by GACC, Fountain Bar provided three limited cocktails for visitors to enjoy mesmerizing experiences mixed with books and table games on holiday book street.

On the other side of the street, Springtime Table Game Fair mobilized local brands and speakers. Over 90% of table games in sessions were designed and produced in Taiwan to energize this street. Large-scale Raid on Taipei table game reviewed traumatic history in a learning and engaging experience. Speakers introduced industry landscape and educational applications. All seminars were packed with attentive audience. Besides play and discussions, lucky winners went home all new 11 table games.

Along with popular table games and book fairs, familiar melodies lingered on Guling Street and Nanhai Academy. From Queen of Kabuki-cho by Ringo Sheena to old music soundtrack The Dull Ice Flower. The playlists were curated by 11 figures living in South Taipei for this block. Each song was connected to their school years or careers in South Taipei, and reflected to collective memories and stories. The organizer also print outed and hanged ten playlists in two markets. Many visitors scanned QR codes to add into their online music libraries.

From South Taipei, Central Taipei to Botanical Garden, Family Fun with Animals, Musicals and Cinema

Spring So Good Market in Nanhai Academy during daytime promoted green consumption with eco-friendly products, local produces and food, as well as animal protection issues. Animal protection groups set up booths and designed field games to educate about stray dogs and respects to life. Local venues, including National Taiwan Arts Education Center and National History Museum, also engaged with visitors in joyful ways about arts and cultural education in South Taipei.

On the plaza outside National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, South Taipei Fun Theater presented family-oriented outdoor musicals for two days. The co-productions with National Performing Arts Center were fun, lively, meaningful and attractive to children. Passengers stayed to watch the show, and performing arts really lived in public life. At nigh time, Starlight Cinema screened classic comedy Shaolin Popey II in 35mm film format that triggered nostalgia to watch movies in front of temples. It was a novel experience to watch movies outdoors.

Taking a Stroll in South Taipei, widely popular last year, was curated by Taipei Walking Tour. Besides South Taipei route with Mandarin guides, Central Taipei route was available with English and Japanese guides to introduce historical contexts and layers in the city. “I have been to Botanical Garden for many times,” said one participant Ryan, “but I didn’t know this ancient building was used in Qing Dynasty to receive foreign envoys. I am really surprised to know that this place was used as Governor-General’s Office for a short time during Japanese colonization period. It’s an amazing experience in a city I am familiar with.”

Hello, Good 100 Exhibition Continues Until June

Also located in South Taipei, Office of the President celebrates its centennial birthday. It works with 10 old stores and 5 design studios to transform brand stories and cultures into design languages, and exhibits at GACC Space No.1. With floor mats and bamboo curtains as decorations, the exhibition presents three themes: Welcome Reception, Family & Career, and Life Wellbeing. Value systems and life in Taiwan are condensed in Hello, Good 100 exhibition, including 10 old stores in Taiwan across tea, pastry, Chinese medicine, building, finance, bookstore, and metal works. These signature objects carry family missions and memories for generations, and bring visitors back to production sites. How should we preserve and sustain traditional values and crafts in changing times? To pay tribute to old stores, the curator invites five emerging design studios to reinterpret with design practices and creative components in modern life. For more information about the exhibition on historical traces in Taiwan, visit GACC website.

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