'Material attraction - Scandinavia likes Japan' at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
Oct 23, 2013

Visitors to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair on 4-8 February 2014 will get a chance to see Japanese materials and furniture-making techniques never before shown in Sweden in the ‘Material attraction - Scandinavia likes Japan’ exhibition. It is a joint production between the Materials Library and Japanese designer Naoto Nakamura.

At the next Fair, the Materials Library is looking eastwards to Japan – a country which, despite the distance in between, shares much in common with Scandinavia. The exhibition showcases a selection of Japanese materials and manufacturing techniques that will inspire and create synergies between Scandinavia and Japan.

"The Scandinavian and Japanese design cultures have many points of contact. We hold similar views on ascetic and pared-down design and architecture. We frequently find angles where materials and construction are illustrated in design and function, while we like to preserve a certain sense of tradition and craftsmanship,” explains Oliver Schmidt from the Materials Library.

Many of Japan’s material and manufacturing techniques have never reached beyond the country’s borders. The collaboration with Naoto Nakamura, who is based in Stockholm, and JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization, is paving the way to enjoy a unique treasure trove. The exhibition covers everything from traditional to high-tech, or a blend of both.

“I want to showcase the variation in materials and manufacturing techniques from Japan which inspires designers. There’ll be many interesting material samples from different industries that have never before been put on display in Sweden. The spotlight will be on design-developed materials that have been developed with the help of designers and then manufactured as a product. I predict this will be one of the hot new trends,” comments Naoto Nakamura.

The Exhibition is located in Hall B and there will be guided tours in English every day.

Since it started in 2005, the Materials Library has advised leading designers on issues related to material trends and material selection from a strategic perspective. Its clients include Sony Europe, Scania, Sandvik, Ergonomidesign and ENSCI-Les Ateliers. The Materials Library, which was founded by Oliver Schmidt and Björn Florman, also lectures regularly at design colleges in Sweden and in Europe. The Materials Library has been owned by Stockholmsmässan since 2012.

Photo: Japanese materials are new, inspirational and exciting to Swedish designers. Photo: Björn Florman
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