NCKU is the first university to establish a smart Campus Security Center incorporating AI
Oct 11, 2020

By incorporating a surveillance system, an emergency notification system, and campus police dispatch, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) established the Research Center for Campus Security (the Security Center) and placed 18 red emergency booths with security cameras on every side all around the NCKU campus. This is the first security center to incorporate AI among universities in Taiwan. When the emergency button is pressed, the system immediately connects to the Security Center, and the time of arrival of support is thus shortened from 10 minutes to 3 minutes. Within six months, the Security Center has already assisted with several traffic accidents and emergencies on the NCKU campus.

Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su (蘇慧貞), President of NCKU, pointed out that NCKU is working very hard to construct a smart campus. The campus security system has been under planning and construction since 2018. In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the security system ensures a quick emergency response on the NCKU campus. Due to its abundant cultural property and learning spaces, NCKU has close linkage not only with NCKU staff members but also with different communities and the citizens of Tainan City. Therefore, a more effective security system will support friendly interaction on NCKU campus, enhance safety and comfort, and ensure an environment that is suitable for learning, research, and innovation.

Conventional security systems check information only with a single screen monitor. The Security Center improved this situation by incorporating an electronic map and multi-screen monitors. Furthermore, the new system extended the data storage tracking days from 7 days to 30 days. For example, NCKU completed all investigations tracing the contact history of suspected COVID-19 cases from the Panshi Fast Combat Support Ship within two days. By accessing surveillance monitors on the basketball court, NCKU proved that the basketball team members did not come into contact with suspected COVID-19 cases and helped them get released from quarantine.

Cooperating with BenQ Guru Corporation (明基逐鹿) since 2019, NCKU constructed the system by incorporating a surveillance system, an emergency notification system, and campus police dispatch in stages. The Security Center will continuously update the security equipment and notification system, which includes elevators, barrier-free spaces, toilet emergency calls, and building fire alarm systems. With advantages including informatization, intellectualization, and technical development, the Security Center will provide a comfortable, safe campus for NCKU’s students.

Joshua Tzeng (曾文興), President of the BenQ Guru Corporation, mentioned that a safe campus is the basis for making educational environments more effective. Since university campuses tend to be open and wide, security system functions, such as warning, rescuing, and dispatching, should lead to precise, efficient emergency responses. Thus, the advanced deployment of intellectually technology will play a very important role in campus security in the future.

SOURCE / National Cheng Kung University Taiwan