Nov 08, 2019

Internationally renowned masters sharing creative philosophy; the perspectives on crossover win recognitions from Taiwan's indus-try professionals

The most anticipated event for the pop music industry, "Taipei Music Conference 2019," had its first keynote on Oct. 8. The conference is advised by the Ministry of Cul-ture, organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, and Taipei Music Center and implemented by B'in Live. The first event invited President Shigehiro Nishi from ON THE LINE, the Managing Director, Francesco Fiore, and the Multimedia Director, Mariano Leotta, from Moment Factory Tokyo Office as speakers as well as Mickey Huang as the panelist. Themed with "Catalyzing Creativity: Creating a Shared Memory for This Generation," the event dug deep into the creation of Na-mie Amuro's final concert "namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~." Over 100 Taiwan based music industry professionals, visual and multimedia designers participated, in-teracted, and exchanged professional experiences. Together they had discovered how to seamlessly integrate the performers' core concepts with the visual design, stage design, and music to produce unforgettable live performances.

Driver in promoting Japanese entertainment into the world --
Discussing the focus-shift and transformation of the music industry
- Shigehiro Nishi

President of the top Japanese concert production house ON THE LINE, Shigehiro Ni-shi, is the most iconic and influential person in the Asian entertainment industry. Rec-ognized for his concert production and coordination experience, Mr. Nishi has pro-moted Japan tours for Rolling Stone, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Maria Kerry, etc. He is also one of the main drivers to the founding of Avex, Japan's biggest record com-pany. ON THE LINE has produced massive performance combining original anime and music like "Gundam Seed Festival," and led Japan's entertainment industry to the world.

Mr. Nishi mentioned that the music industry has been experiencing a focus shift from analog to digital. The internet is gradually customizing the markets, audiences' inter-ests, and viewing habits. The environment now has made it hard to create another legendary artist like Namie. "Record companies in the digital era have finally stepped into the B2C era, which has pushed us to come up with new marketing strategies. For example, costumers that "do not consume" are, in fact, potential big buyers." Accord-ing to Mr. Nishi, the total headcount for Namie's last tour was over 800 thousand people. However, there were more than 5 million people that failed to buy tickets. Revolutionarily, ONE THE LINE had targeted at these 5 million people. Eventually, they sold over 3 million pieces of CDs and DVDs. This incredible number attracts the biggest live entertainment company Live Nation Entertainment to consult ON THE LINE for their experience. Mr. Nishi also mentioned the key to Namie's success was "crossover." Inspired by the experiences coopering with Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc., he understands that music is essential to the entertainment industry. Only through integrating music with other fields, like movies, games, sports, fashion, etc., can create a multiplying effect and thrive in the customizing era.

The dream maker for Namie and the fans --
"The stage is alive to me." - Mariano Leotta

Mariano Leotta, Director of Multimedia of Moment Factory, then, described himself as an artist when designing. As an artist, through multimedia sets, he can create scenes of stunning visuals for the singers. When he's the Director of Visuals for the concerts, he's a captain, "everyone is their artist." Through empathy, listening, and coordination, we can stimulate the best creativity.

Mariano also described concerts as a magic show, saying that a great concert is, in fact, a magic trick. Every link has to be fine-tuned; equipment and wires have to be appropriately masked like magicians bedazzling their audience with mysterious and surprising performance. Mariano presented the team structure and workflow for Na-mie's final concert. From the initial concept, which only 3-4 core members were in-volved, they lived in the singers' music and did extensive and in-depth interviews and researches. Then, step by step, they included graphic designers, animation creators, and visual designers, stage technicians. The complete team was around 40 people. The key to the concert was the flow and the changes of the stage, which linked the audience and Namie with designs that allow everyone can live the moment. On Na-mie's final concert, through visuals, music, dances, performers, he hoped to create a dreamy memory for Namie and the fans to celebrate the past 25 years.

Undefinable crossover musician --
"From electro to multimedia entertainment." - Francesco Fiore

The presenter for the afternoon session is Francesco Fiore, Managing Director of Moment Factory Tokyo Office. He has not only the creativity of a musician, but also the executive charisma of an entrepreneur. His music "Solution" was selected by the French electro godfather, Laurent Garnier, as one of the 127 singles to represent a time in the 30 years of electro music development. Working in Japan for over ten years, Francesco has developed high sensitivity and understanding in cross-cultural creative lingos.

Francesco talked about his love for music through his personal experience and how that helped cultivate his unique perspectives in multimedia entertainment experi-ence. He was a pure musician when young and had produced and released multiple works. Through innovating and defining what contemporary is, Francesco said, Mo-ment Factory's philosophy and business DNA, " We do it in public," connects his pas-sion for music and creation. He also presented projects like Lumina Series, etc.. Music transformed from the subject matter to a link between individuals and groups. Im-mersive experience lighted up the digital campfire between cities and nature. People who looked only at digital devices now share their feelings and stories - a dialogue; this is why he loves and creates music. Francesco hopes that there will be more op-portunities to cooperate with Taiwanese artists, so more and more cherishable mo-ments can be created in concerts and multimedia entertainment.

Panel discussion focused on the trend of the entertainment market, discovering cross-screen creative cooperation.

Yong-Hsing Yuan chaired the afternoon panel, which invited the award-winning tv host, Mickey Huang, and the three masters. Mickey started the conversation by echo-ing President Nishi's cross-professional cooperation. He used the "54th Golden Bell Awards," which he hosted last week as an example. During the award, there was one stand-up inviting famous Youtubers to the stage. This scene seemed natural but was, in fact, the first cross-screen cooperation. Chien Chang Feng, second-time Chief Cu-rator of the conference, expressed his love for the Japanese theater performance, "KEREN." He asked, how can an original show with no celebrities involved, composed purely by traditional elements, culture, and drama, drew some much audience? Visual Director Mariano answered, they have immersed themselves into the local culture, and extract the most attracting classical elements and performed with cultural sym-bols. Mickey also expects Taiwanese society to be more respectful to the profession-als behind the scenes and to cultivate more international masters as their values are unlimited.

Feng mentioned, last year was the first attempt to use in-depth case study, panel dis-cussion, and experience exchange to connect international entertainment perfor-mance productions and Taiwan's creative teams. That conference benefited him in the works he did in the past year. After seeing the new style of visuals at Namie's final tour, Cheng wanted to learn more about the creative concepts and the production processes. This year, he pushed for the team to come to Taiwan in the hope that the conference can be the experience-sharing platform for Taiwan-based professionals and to enrich Taiwan's pop music industry.

The second keynote speech, "Crossover Integration: Creating a Future Beyond Imag-ination," will be held on Oct. 22 (Tue.) at JUT Hall. The focus will be on multidimen-sional branding. We have invited the Creative Director of Meta.Studio, Jesse Lee Stout, who helped with the creation of MUSE's "Simulation Theory" and the world tour, and Sooner Routhier, Founder of Sooner Rae Creative, who co-produced the world tour. Stay tuned to our event page and Taiwan Music Center official page as well as the fan page https://www.facebook.com/TaipeiMusicCenter/.

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