NIXT! Inspires the New Wave of AV
Jul 17, 2019

AV professionals who attended the inaugural NIXT! Conference walked away with new insights on how next-generation technologies like 5G, AI, XR and IoT will enable them to create better solutions and greater opportunities in the future

Beijing, 17 July 2019 --( ASIA TODAY )-- To empower AV professionals with the knowledge to adapt to digital transformation, embrace and adopt new-generation technologies which were previously feared upon and thought of as disruptive, Professional AudioVisual (Pro-AV) technologies event organizer InfoCommAsia organized a brand-new platform: Next Integrated Experience Technology (NIXT!) Conference.

Running from 17 to 18 July 2019 alongside InfoCommAsia’s flagship Beijing InfoComm China event, NIXT! brought together technology leaders from leading companies across Asia. These subject matter experts shed light on these “disruptive” technologies and its underlying potentials, how the market is continuing to evolve and why AV professionals should leverage on these advancements to future-ready their business.

These ground-breaking technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR), the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless connectivity, robotics, quantum computing and more. AI, for instance, is accelerating innovation in professional graphics application while the emergence of 5G networks would mean that streaming 8K videos and enjoying virtual reality on their mobile phones would soon become a daily norm for many.

Mr. David Labuskes, Chief Executive Officer of AVIXA, the global trade association for the Pro-AV industry, said in his welcome speech: “When integrated with audiovisual technologies, these disruptors take AV experiences to a new, transformative, more engaging level. To reach that level with our audiovisual solutions, it is critical we understand this next generation of technology.

“My hope is that after experiencing the NIXT! Conference and learning what is on the horizon, you will see this technology less as a disruption, but more of an enabler to better solutions, better processes, stronger businesses, and greater opportunities.”

Featured NIXT! speaker Mr. William Shen, Proviz APAC Business Leader of NVIDIA added that user demand for services and experience will result in huge market potential. These “disruptive” technologies, such as AI, will also sharpen a company’s competitive edge by making it possible for ultra-high fidelity models, higher computing, rendering and deep learning capabilities, as well as superior memory capacity and scalability software.

NIXT! participants from the AV industry and vertical end-user industries attended sessions on specific topics including “Typical graphics applications with 5G”, “Machine learning assisted intelligent monitoring” and “Accelerate innovation in industry design with RTX technology”. They benefited from break-out sessions which focused specifically on industry design, as well as media and entertainment. Industry experts who are speaking at the NIXT! Conference hail from NVIDIA, Migu Co., Ltd. which is a subsidiary of China Mobile, and Leadtek China which specializes in graphics cards.

Said InfoCommAsia Executive Director Richard Tan, “In a world where change and innovations in technology are happening at break neck speed, we see ourselves in a position of identifying the opportunities early and enabling AV professionals to get up to speed. The new technologies addressed in NIXT! are potentially huge game-changers which can totally transform the way in which AV products and solutions are delivered and experienced in the near future.”

NIXT! is held concurrently with Beijing InfoComm China 2019, the premier Pro-AV and Integrated Experience Solutions show in the region.


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