Nswitch Selected as the First TUNE Certified Partner in APAC Region
Feb 21, 2018

February 21, 2018 10:00 PM Hong Kong Time - SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nasmedia (KOSDAQ:089600) (CEO Kenny Chung), a digital media advertising agency in KT Group of Korea, announced that its proprietary app marketing platform ‘Nswitch’ has been selected as a Certified Partner by TUNE. As a result, Nswitch has been the first TUNE Certified Partner in the APAC region.

On February 12, TUNE announced its new Certified Partners in 2018 through its official website and their marketing channel. The newly selected advertising platforms include Nswitch, Dynalyst, AdAction Interactive, Global wide media and Affle. Of the approximately 1,500 mobile advertising platforms integrated with TUNE, only a total of 33 platforms are registered as the TUNE Certified Partners.

TUNE Certified Partner is defined as a global advertising platform certified by TUNE, mobile analytics and performance marketing platforms. It provides best practices to marketers and advertisers who want to promote app marketing so that clients can get better marketing results.

To become a TUNE Certified Partner, it is necessary to proceed the ‘TUNE Certified Partner Program’. The TUNE Certified Partner Program is divided into three sections in total and 15 details, and can be chosen as a Certified Partner only if all the requirements are met through a rigorous screening process.

In addition, after being selected as a TUNE Certified Partner, it should go through ongoing examination every year to maintain as a Certified Partner.

Byungjo Kim, who is in charge of general affairs for Nswitch in Nasmedia, gave his impression and plans regarding this nomination saying "Nswitch has consistently made efforts to provide better marketing effectiveness to advertisers as a front-runner in Korean market," “We will strive to become and settle as a global advertising platform beyond the Asian market."

Meanwhile, as of February 2018, Nswitch is currently in the second place on TUNE’s global install volume ranking, right behind Google Adwords. Therefore, there is much attention towards the move of Nswitch henceforth as a global advertising platform.

Nswitch website:http://www.nswitch.co.kr/
TUNE website (related to CPP):https://www.tune.com/blog/tune-welcomes-five-new-certified-partners/

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