Optimizing Talent Retention
jobsDB Hong Kong
May 31, 2014

In recent years, salary and fringe benefits have no longer been considered as the most enticing advantages for job seekers. Hong Kong employees tend to be more and more conscious in pursuing work-life balance and a positive sense of well-being. In an attempt to encourage HR executives to retain capable employees in an optimal and efficient way, jobsDB arranged a seminar focusing on optimizing talent retention on 21 May 2014.

The event attracted over 50 employers and HR executives from a variety of organizations. At the beginning of the seminar, Jonathan Pok, Key Account Manager of jobsDB Hong Kong, shared some significant findings from the jobsDB Q1 2014 Hiring Index.

Our speaker, Charlie Lang from Progress-U Ltd., also shared with us his recent findings related to staff turnover trends. Being an expert in corporate culture development and well-known for his innovative approaches to talent development and retention, he recommended participants some proven ways to optimize retention of key talents in the organization.

Main Learning Objectives:How to be aware of the most essential factors for talents leaving the company?

  • How to make use of smart strategies to minimize undesirable staff turnover?
  • How to optimize talent retention through better recruitment plans?

    At the seminar, an instant poll via the mobile phones of audience was conducted to collect instant feedback on certain critical issues related to the content. Such responses were shown on the screen so that all participants could recognize others’ feedback right away and make use of this result for enhancing their talent retention strategies.


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