Peking University holds overseas academic talents meeting in the United States
May 26, 2019

Peking University, May 19, 2019: In order to enhance overseas publicity and to recruit more high-level talents, a team led by PKU Vice President Tian Gang and leaders of many departments held five overseas academic talents meetings at five US universities, namely UC Berkeley, Stanford University, U Chicago, MIT, and Harvard.

In preparation for the visit, PKU Human Resources Department, Office of International Relations, PKU Office of Alumni, and Publicity Department/News Center intensely advocated talents introduction activities, These activities grasped the attention of a large number of alumni and outstanding overseas scholars .

The meeting attracted more than 300 outstanding doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, assistant professors and other outstanding overseas talents from more than ten famous universities and top research institutes in the United States. Many young scholars who attended the conference have published high-level academic papers in internationally renowned academic journals, and have cut a figure in related professional fields.

At the meeting, Tian Gang gave a welcome speech on behalf of Peking University. Tian introduced the development status, characteristics of different disciplines and the new changes and characteristics of the talent introduction policy of PKU. Tian pointed out that in recent years, PKU has taken a comprehensive reform including considerable institutional innovation and transformation in the school personnel system. PKU also established a teacher recruitment system centered on the pre-employment and long-employment system of teaching and research series, and implemented the “Peking University Boya Talents Plan”. The Plan would provide greater support for all kinds of outstanding academic talents, and better stimulate the overall competitiveness and creativity of the talent teams. Tian said that talents play a vital role in scientific research, discipline construction and personnel training at PKU, accelerating our steps to enter the forefront of world-class universities.

Liu Bo, director of Human Resources Department, introduced the historical development of Peking University's personnel system, focusing on the core system and policies of the reform, the remuneration and supporting system. Then directors and leaders from many PKU departments respectively introduced the main disciplines, construction priorities, teacher composition, and advantages of their respective schools.

In the Q&A session, school leaders answered questions about overseas talent application, assessment mechanism, academic development environment, welfare treatment, management services, etc.

Written by: Yang Fan
Edited by: Wang Xi, Wang Qian
Source: Peking University China